Mario Kart 8 – Best Character And Kart Combinations

My Best Mario Kart 8 Kart Combinations

Having trouble winning online? Want a killer character and Kart combination that will give you an edge against the competition then? With so many customization options and variable combinations – it can be a daunting task to find the Mario Kart 8 combinations. To help you out I made a quick guide that will help you pick the best character and kart combinations that will help you .


Selecting the right character

There is no good or bad character in Mario Kart 8. It entirely depends on what style you are comfortable with. There are 7 weight tiers: Featherweight, Lightweight, Medium, Cruiser, Heavyweight, ‘Metal’, and Super Heavyweight. Each weight class has their own unique set of stats, which should be taken into consideration when selecting your favorite character.


(Individual Character stats – source MkBoards please go check them out)


Acceleration is a statistic for karts and bikes. It measures how fast the vehicle will achieve its maximum speed, and also how well a vehicle will recover its speed when stopped or slowed down. Generally, heavy vehicles have low acceleration stats but are very fast when they get going, and light vehicles have low maximum speeds but reach it quickly due to high acceleration stats. (Source:  Mario Kart Wiki)


Speed is a stat related to the top speed of Karts or Bikes. The higher the stat is will determine the maximum speed a given kart or bike can go. Usually heavyweights tend to have the highest stat, while medium-weights have an average stat, and lightweights have a low stat. Generally, speed is reduced during turning, but drifting negates some of the speed loss. (Source: Mario Kart Wiki)

For newbies, there are two important stats that you should understand, and that is speed and acceleration (which is explained above). Each weight class has distinct advantages and disadvantages. Heavy’s has the highest top speed stat, allowing them to easily maintain a lead, however, when hit they are the slowest to recover. On the opposite spectrum – lights have the lowest speed stat, but the best recovery time after being hit. Mediums and Cruisers lie somewhere in between.

Like I said above, there is no right or wrong character – each weight class has their own unique advantages – taking advantage of their perks is the key to success.


Selecting The Best Kart Combination

You don’t have to use these combinations, but this is what I think is the best character and kart combinations. This is formed purely from observation of what many karter’s uses online and personal experience. Of course, you could substitute the weight class, but if you use these setups – you won’t go wrong.

Combination 1: Super Heavy Weight, Sports Coupe, Slick/Cyber Slick,  Cloud Glider

mario kart 8 character and vehicle customization 2


Combination 2- Super Heavy Weight, Sports Bike, Slicks, Cloud Glider
mario kart 8 character and vehicle customization


Combination 3 – Super Heavy Weight, Super Glider, Slicks, Cloud Glide

mario kart 8 character and vehicle customization 3


Combination 4: Mach 8, Slicks, Aero Glider


mario kart 8 character and vehicle customization 4

Combination 5: Comet, Slim, Aero Glider

mario kart 8 character and vehicle customization 5

If you like to suggest a good combination, let me know in the comment section, and I will upload a screen capture of it!



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