The 5 Weirdest Legend of Zelda Characters of All Time

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The 5 Weirdest Legend of Zelda Characters of All Time

weirdest legend of zelda characters

The Long history of the Legend of Zelda franchise has produced some of the most iconic characters known in our beloved industry; Link, Princess Zelda, Ganondorf and Impa just to name a few. However, the Legend of Zelda has also produced some of the weirdest characters to ever appear in a video game, let alone a Nintendo one. The weird, wacky and downright strange are all part of the charm and quality that the series is known for – an integral part of the Legend. With the series continuously growing – it is important to remember the good times – so to start a trip of nostalgia – here are the 5 weirdest Legend of Zelda Characters of all time.


weirdest legend of zelda characters

5. Error: “I am Error”- WTF?

Making an appearance in Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, Error, is perhaps, one of the most infamous characters from The Legend of Zelda franchise. He himself, appears and behaves like any normal citizen of Hyrule, but his peculiar name “Error” and absurdity of his dialogue (“I am Error”) has booked him a spot in the history books. It was originally theorized that Error was a Bug, that was missed by programmers, however, that wasn’t the case – it was simply Nintendo having fun with fans. Still to this day – Error has remained relevant through the art of memes – a true testament of a weird character.



4. Batreaux: The Demon that wants to become human.

Debuting in the highly acclaimed Wii game – the Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword – Batreaux became an instant fan favorite amongst Zelda fans. One would assume that a residential Demon would be terrorizing the local inhabitants causing havoc at every opportunity. However, Batreaux is not your typical demon, in fact, in the world of demons, Batreaux would be alienated for being weird. Polite, kind and shy are not the personal attributes of a demon, and this is exactly how Batreaux behaves. His dreams of becoming a human exemplify this point. Batreaux is an unusual character- one that will likely to be remembered down the years.


malo the legend of zelda

5. Malo: The cute, mature and intelligent Infant.

Malo from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is a perfect example of a child that has matured so quickly, that he literary becomes an intimidating personality. Do not let his cute exterior fool you – Malo is a deceptive and intelligent individual, who at a tender age runs a successful retail chain called Malo Mart. What makes since worst is his blunt and sarcastic tone in conversations – which causes an awkward air in the room. This is one little kid you do not want to mess around with.

the legend of zelda toilet hand

2. ??? – I need some toilet paper

In any universe – a Hand popping out of a toilet is considered freightened – so ??? is a natural contender of one of the most weirdest character in the legend of Zelda franchise. ??? appears in the toilet seats of Majora’s Mask, Oracle of Ages and Skyward Sword – which in all 3, asks Link to fetch it some toilet paper. Its purpose? One can only imagine.


mr tingle, weirdest legend of zelda characters

1. Mr Tingle: It’s me, Koji Kondo

I don’t even know what species Mr Tingle hails from! Flamboyant and proud – Mr Tingle struts his stuff without a single care of judgemental eyes constantly watching him. First debuting in Majora’s Mask, and then later appearing in the Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD – Mr Tingle is known as an expert Map Maker. However, his role in Zelda games, are not what makes him so famous – his red underwear over a leotard apparel and excessive flamboyant personality are made for classic WTF first impressions. What makes Tingle more hilarious is that he shares a likeness with legendary composer Koji Kondo.


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