Why I’ve Turned On My Wii U Everyday For A Month

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Why I’ve Turned On My Wii U Everyday For A Month


Wii U fans have had it rough since the launch of the console back in Novemeber 2012. I am not talking about the lack of quality games, because in reality, the Wii U has arguably the best library of the new Gen. What I am talking about is the long, extensive and numerous droughts that have plagued the system.

Unfortunately, one of the negative repercussions of droughts is that folks will have very little reason to turn on their dear consoles, until the next big release. So far it has been a vicious cycle: New title is released — Wii U is turned on until the game satisfactorily completed —  Wii U isn’t turned on until a new title is launched. I am not implying that this is the typical experience of the average Wii U owner, but this has been my experience so far.

However, I’ve noticed a drastic change in my playing habits – something that has become quite apparent now – and that is noticing I’ve indeed turned on my Wii U everyday for one month now. The reason is quite obvious – Mario Kart 8. Surprise! Surprise! Right? On average I have an 2 hour play session online, sometimes it can be as long as 5 hours straight – a true testament to the addictiveness of Mario Kart 8.

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That is besides the point; turning on my Wii U everyday for an entire month demonstrates the importance of having strong online experience in any library. Before the release of Mario Kart 8 – the Wii U severely lacked an original and exclusive an online experience.  You could get a decent multiplayer fix from Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 or Ghosts, but the series has lost its shine many years. In my opinion, having a strong online multiplayer games, like Mario kart 8 and Super Smash Bros For Wii U are essential for any consoles, particularly if they happen to come from Nintendo, as they become an important fall back games when in dry software periods.  They are fun fillers that can easily satisfy users months on end while waiting for the next big title.

Nintendo strengths have always been in developing solo experiences and couch gameplay, but I suggest that the Big N to develop more games compatible with online multiplayer.Mario Kart 8, Super Smash Bros For Wii U, and the fresh Splatoons is a great start, but I would love to have these games during the great drought of 2013. Nevertheless, I am playing my Wii U everyday now and having a blast with Mario Kart 8 – keep up the good work Nntendo.


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