Yo Nintendo! Please Produce the Wavebird Controller Again For the Wii U

By Michael On 2 Jul, 2014 At 12:30 PM | Categorized As Features | With 6 Comments

Yo Nintendo! Please Reproduce the Wavebird Controller Again For the Wii U

Nintendo are making a lot of the right moves at the moving, obviously, this stems from the fact that they really cannot afford to make many missteps for the Wii U. One move that has gotten the competitive Smash Bros community and the Smash Bros fans in general  elated, is the news that Nintendo will once again be producing the GameCube controllers for Super Smash Bros For Wii U.

I personally find it uncomfortable playing Smash Bros with any other methods, plus I’m in need of new Gamecube pads in preparation of Super Smash Bros For Wii U – so the news is welcomed. Having said this, I still have one complaint! Why are they wired controllers? Why not begin reproducing the WaveBird Gamecube controllers? Or better yet a Wireless Gamecube controller without the extra bulk?


Wires are an archaic design that belongs in the naughties – it was acceptable then, it is certainly not acceptable now. Being tethered by a wire is not an ideal situation for a game like Super Smash Bros For Wii U, especially at get-togethers where controllers are passed left and right.

I know some folks will complain that the original Wavebirds had lag – but the wireless technology in controls has made ground ever since – with virtually zero latency in inputs. And I am certain that Nintendo can rework the transmitter to satisfy the needs of even the most picky competitive Smash player.

wavebird ebay

I’ve been looking around Ebay for a Wavebird controller, unfortunately, vendors are selling a second-hand controller for a premium price. In my opinion, these prices do not justify a hand-me down controller – I would rather spend the money on brand new wired ones.  Nintendo, as of recently have been listening to the pleas of their fans, so I might try my luck, and selfishly ask them to begin reproducing the Wavebird controller or a Wireless Original Gamecube. It is likely that my pleas will fall on uninterested ears, but, hey! It’s worth trying! Right?


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  • JoeDaniel

    Isn’t the whole point of bringing back wired GameCube controllers due to people needing controllers without lag due to how fast the action is? I don’t even play this game and I know they introduced those because of people (especially tournament players) needing a way to play without lag lol

    • miigamerz

      Lag shouldn’t be an issue anymore in my opinion

      • JoeDaniel

        well it never should be, but I doubt that’s actually the case, I’ve heard it was all due to feedback that they did this, I mean, no other reason to bother releasing this adapter if people didn’t prefer wired controllers for the best performance, I mean wired is always more precise than wireless… with any other game it wouldn’t be as important… but maybe old wavebirds would work on this?

  • bigevilworldwide

    Well that isn’t going to happen…The entire reason it disappeared is because Nintendo lost a lawsuit that involved the Wavebird and were forced to cease production and pull the remaining stock….The specific reason they are so expensive on ebay

  • TehEngineer

    I thought the reason it was brought back was because tournaments only use wired controllers.

  • http://www.YouTube.com/GreyWolfFan GreyWolfFan

    I still have an old WaveBird, it’s in pretty bad shape and missing the analog stick pad but it still works. Just gets painful on the thumb after a while…