5 Nintendo Collaborative Crossover Titles I would Like to See

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 5 Nintendo Collaborative Crossover Titles I would Like to See

Collaborative titles are now a thing for Nintendo. Once perceived as a closed company – Nintendo has in recent times been willing to open up their big name franchises to other publishers to create a win-win  situational game. The biggest title so far, is of course, Hyrule Warriors – a crossover title between the Legend of Zelda and Dynasty warrior series, scheduled to be released in August for Japan and September in the West respectively.  Unfortunately, the next collaborative crossover title that we know of, is Shin Megami X Fire Emblem, and that is it. In my opinion, Nintendo should invest in more of these projects – for the reason to fill the schedule with quality titles and as well, to build strong relationships with their partners.  So here are 5 Nintendo collaborative crossover titles I would like to see.


dead or alive nintendo edition

 Dead or Alive Xtreme Volleyball: Nintendo Edition

Dead or Alive Volleyball: Nintendo Edition is something I have secretly wished for ever since my adolescent days.  The original Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball attracted controversy, in part due to the oversexualised nature of the game. Back in those days – busty female protagonist playing beach volley wearing nothing but bikini’s was unheard of. Nowadays, I reckon Dead or Alive Beach Volleyball would be more accepted. Taking into consideration that the relationship between Koei Tecmo and Nintendo is good – the Dead or Alive company would be a prime candidate for another collaboration. If I may – could I suggest Dead Or Alive Xtreme Volleyball: Nintendo edition. In this version, alongside all of the Dead Or Alive Heroines – I would like Princess Peach, Princess Zelda, Princess Daisy, Rosalina and Toadette as playable characters. Man, this would be a Nintendo fan’s wet dream in a perverted sense.




Nintendo Vs Capcom

Nintendo Vs Capcom is a game that fans have been demanding for years. With Nintendo havng their own mascot fighter in Super Smash Bros  – a crossover fighter game with Capcom is viable, and very doable. Just imagine a Marvel Vs Capcom style fighter featuring Mario, Zelda, Samus, Ryu, Chun-li, Ken, Mega Man and all your favorite characters from the respective company duking out it in a battle Royale not seen in a video game since Super Smash Bros.


pokemon hunter

Pokemon Hunter  (Monster Hunter/Pokemon)

I’ve recently started playing Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for the Wii U (the free game of the ), and I thought quickly ran into my head – that “this game would fit well with the Pokemon Universe.” Of course a few things need to be altered to avoid ticking off die Pokemon fans (killing and skinning Pocket monsters is a no go) – but hell with that – I would like it to happen. Having said this, the idea of adventuring off in a vast land using nonviolent weapons to capture and collect  the fiercest Pokemon ever is appealing, and a perfect opportunity to garner widespread acceptance of the series in western markets.



Rayman X Mario

So far collaborative titles have been mainly Japanese focus, so to balance things out it would be fair to throw in a western publisher. I’ve been looking at the larger franchises from Western Publishing searching for an IP that would fit well with Nintendo’s. The only well known franchise that potentially could work is Rayman. I would like to propose a Rayman X Mario 2D platformer – incorporating Nintendo’s design sensibilities meshed  with the art and style associated with the sublime UbiArt engine. Of course, there is the challenge to balance the differing styles of the franchises into a coherent experience – hypothetically speaking, of course – I am sure both companies will succeed in the task.


amiibo 1

Skylanders and Amiibo’s

Yes, I can concede that this is not a collaborative title, but it would be a DICK move on Nintendo’s  if they don’t allow Amiibo integration in the Skylanders series. Amiibo’s are a real threat to Skylanders market share, and it would be a terrible move for Nintendo to anger Activision at this point. Amiibo’s doesn’t necessarily have to be an enemy of Skylanders – they could indeed compliment each other – if Nintendo permits the use of them in the game. If done right, a partnership with Amiibo and Skylanders–  could position the  Wii U as the console of choice for the toys to life range of products. Having Skylanders compatible with some of Nintendo’s biggest characters could be a win-win situation for both Activision and the Big N, and I am willing to bet the kids will eat this stuff up.


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  • Aiddon

    the only one of these I can take seriously is Nintendo vs CAPCOM. MAYBE Pokemon Hunters. I think what we really need is a Project X Zone 2 with Nintendo characters added.

  • nonscpo

    Dead or Alive Xtreme Volleyball: Nintendo Edition is never gonna happen that game has always played on the Xbox brand, still waiting for them to release their third installment so I’ll finally have a reason to buy a XBOXONE…Lol.

    • miigamerz

      Pokemon Hunter FTW!