How To Get A Protean Froakie? I Can Give You One!

By Michael On 29 Jun, 2014 At 08:09 PM | Categorized As 3DS News | With 0 Comment

protean froakie protean frogadier protean greninja

Greninja is arguably one of the best new generation Pokemon – he is very fast, has a respectable special attack and an awesome ability in Protean. Then it comes at no surprise that Greninja is a threatening Pokemon late game – particularly with its impeccable coverage. Like I mentioned above Protean is a vital weapon for Grenija – granting him STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus) in all moves, and as well changing his type on the fly – making him a tough cookie to deal with.

Unfortunately, Protean is a Hidden Ability only available through the friend safari. Essentially, you will need to find an individual who’s friend code unlocks the Frogadier section of the friend safari. Furthermore, in order to capture a Frogadier with Protean – your friend must be online at the same time. It is a lot of work to get Protean. isn’t it?

Alternatively, you can go online to search for someone willing to trade you one, but good luck finding someone reasonable to trade with (most will ask for legendaries).

In the off chance that you are finding it difficult to find a suitable FC – then I might be of service to you. I can give you a LEGIT Froakie (done through breeding) with Protean for FREE. Best of all the PROTEAN FROAKIE is guaranteed to have five 31 IVS, perhaps even perfect (depends on luck) and Timid.

Contact me through  Twitter or Facebook to set up the trade. I use these platforms everyday – so I will get in touch with you.  If you don’t mind, can you like Facebook page and follow me through Twitter, that would be swell. You don’t have to though.

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