Hand Me That Plate of Crows – Yes, I Was Wrong About Nintendo E3 2014 Strategy

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Hand Me That Plate of Crows – Yes, I Was Wrong About Nintendo E3 2014 Strategy


I’m not a person that will easily admit to being wrong. In fact, my stubbornness and ego usually refuses to accept reality, and I become an extremely frustrating person to argue with. Therefore, it really pains to me to admit, I was wrong… yes, I was wrong about Nintendo E3 2014 strategy. I honestly believed that Nintendo’s E3 2014 presence was going to be an unmitigated disaster – boring, impactless and a definitive sign of Nintendo waving the white flag. Now that E3 2014 is over,  and the dust has settled – it is time for me to admit that Nintendo’s E3 2014 strategy was absolutely brilliant. ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!

My first reaction to the news of Nintendo not holding a traditional Press conference was one of anger. “How could Nintendo make another stupid move, when the Wii U is in such dire straights?” I said to myself? “Why are they so scared to compete with Microsoft and Sony?” I pondered. “Do they not have anything compelling to show?” I questioned. And I am certainly not the only one with the same negative mindset.

Now that E3 2014 is long gone, it is quite clear to me now that Nintendo killed the event, and then some. The impact of Nintendo’s E3 2014 presence was profound and long lasting, and will surely be talked about in years to come. This is one of the best E3’s I have ever had the pleasure to follow, and no doubt the most entertaining. It is not an overstatement to say that Nintendo redefined E3 –it was a strategy that puts the gamer’s first, and the corporate ego last.  The manner and professionalism of the content delivery  are certainly worthy of praise, something that other companies should take ques from.

Nintendo’s Digital event is, perhaps, the biggest surprise hit of the show. It was everything I could ask for in a presentation. It was void of the dull and boring moments that press conferences are known. There was no prolonged PR jibber jabber  tooting how “we sold X amount of consoles” and how “X game I going to revolutionize the industry.”   It was all about showcasing their games in the purest form without the trickery of CGI trailers or Bullshots. The entertainment value of the Digital event was exceptional – the  Iwata and Reggie fight at the beginning was a perfect starter for the event,  the rubber chicken skits taking the piss out of Nintendo made me chuckle, best of all it was clear and concise, hardly a dull moment can be found.   I sincerely hope they opt for the Digital Event next year, as the traditional press conference is dead to me.

One of my concerns leading up to E3, was, will Nintendo able to dominate the headlines against the likes of Sony and Microsoft. Will they fight for a larger presence? Or will they crawl to into their shell like last year? I am not how others feel, but to me, it felt  like Microsoft and Sony were at E3 2014 at the day of their press conference, while Nintendo had an ongoing presence throughout the many days. The live Nintendo Treehouse streams, the developer roundtables and the post-presentation announcement – resulted in a constant stream of news headline, with fans vigilantly waiting for the next announcement. Nintendo’s presence was strong and lasting throughout the days, something I cannot say about the competition. I really like this tweet from Jim Sterling, which nails the aura surrounding Nintendo at E3: Confident and Proud.

I despise the taste of crow, but I must swallow must pride, and admit I was wrong… very wrong.  I suppose that old saying still remains true – never underestimate Nintendo. It just goes to show Nintendo is still very much capable of surprises. Time to eat my crow now – could you please pass me the sauce!



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