The Wii U “Five”: E3 2014 Post-Week Discussion Day 1

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**UPDATE: Video link has been corrected!  I apologize for the inconvenience!**

With the awesome presentation levels Nintendo achieved last week at E3, it’s time for the Wii U “Five” to discuss what happened!  This will be four videos over four days, with a schedule below as well as air times of the videos!

Enough talk, let’s get you started right here:

-6/16 @ 12PM PST: “Nintendo Awakens” highlight reel!


– 6/17 @ 12PM PST: Nintendo reveals discussion; I will be talking about the games we never knew existed until the Digital Event!
– 6/18 @ 12PM PST: “Nintendo Wants To Be With Fun” highlight reel!
– 6/19 @ 12PM PST: Nintendo updates discussion; I will be talking about updates and hot discussion topics to games we already knew existed prior to the Digital Event!

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