Soraya Saga Tweets again! Get hyped for Monolith’s Soft X

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monolith soft x

Famed Video game Storyteller known for her work on the Final Fantasy and Xenogears series, and wife to Monolith’s Soft Testusya Takahashi – Soraya Saga has teased the appearance of X for E3 2014. For those unfamiliar with the insider knowledge, Saga san typically retweets the announcement of a Nintendo Direct or E3 plans to tease the appearance of X. With the certain appearance, and perhaps a full blown reveals of X during E3 2014, it is definitely time to get hyped.

Via Gimmegimmegames

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  • CommonSense

    I think this is the only article I have ever seen regaurding X/Soraya saga tweets, that acknowledges Soraya Saga for her game making contributions rather than as a vestigial attatchment to Takahashi.

    I am so ready for X. Somewhere, in some fictional universe, I am about to whoop the stuffing out of some jerky deadbeat god.

    • miigamerz

      Thanks, I made the same mistake before, will not make it again!

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