Mario Kart 8: Road To Being A Mario Kart 8 Super Star

By Michael On 2 Jun, 2014 At 01:45 AM | Categorized As Blog | With 3 Comments

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I am certain almost every Nintendo fan is currently playing Mario Kart 8. My biggest obsession with the Mario Kart series, and something I am currently working on, is earning the prestigious star ratings for each cup. I am not entirely sure whether the star will appear next to your name when online, but still I would love to have prestigious 2/3 Star rating like in MK Wii and MK7. Once done – it will be time to conquer the world… In online multiplayer.

Of course 50cc and 100 cc are easy, however, 150cc and Mirror cup is going to be extremely tricky to get a 2/3 star rating. So far I’ve got a two star for the Mushroom Cup using the Mach 8 with standard wheels and the Super glider. Unfortunately, I am still looking for a combination that feels natural. I was testing the Sports Bike, but it handles awkwardly compared to the Mach Bike on Wii. Th eother karts I’ve unlocked so far are not working for me. Any suggestions? Would be great!

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  • Dchops

    I’ll catch you online soon, Mike! Hope that we can put up a challenge for each other 😛

    • miigamerz

      you are on 😛

  • Lenny L Boogie Harris

    I have 3 stars in all 50, 100, and 150cc Right now i’m working on my last star for mirror My NNID is WII UNITD