Pokemon X&Y Legendary Event Pokemon Hoopa Information Leaked

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Pokemon X&Y Legendary Event Pokemon Hoopa Information Leaked

Last year, I reported that a hacker revealed the existence of 3 event Pokemon hidden amongst the code of Pokemon X&Y. The  event Pokemon are Diancie, Hoppa and Volcanion. Now, we do not know a great deal of information about these Pokemon, other than their names, typing and appearance.

However, a reddit user has apparently leaked the in game event that reveals more information on the mysterious Pokemon Hoppa. As shown by a series of 52 screenshots of a conversation between an NPC – Hoopa appears to be a quite powerful and mischievous Pokemon.

It is not clear how the individual got Hoopa, or found the NPC, but it does seem pretty legit to me.

According to the NPC – Hoopa is connected to many supernatural events over the last 100 years. Its main power draws from three rings which is able to transport items. It is said, Hoopa is so powerful that the rings can extend multiple miles and even transport whole islands.

For your convenience – I have the full transcript below.  But do check out the reddit user.

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Mysterious Ring

– It is said that Hoopa uses three rings to adorn itself with to move objects about as it pleases.

-I’ve also heard that when Hoopa unleashes its full power, the size of the ring can grow up to multiple miles in length.

– With Such massive rings, apparently it can transport even entire islands.

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The Secret of its lair

It is said that Hoopa’s lair is overflowing with the objects and treasures it nabbed over the years, claiming them for its own.

Rumour has it that there are mountains of gold and silver treasure  that it took from ancient kings and wealth land barons.

I hear that Hoopa’s Lair is is an oasis in the desert, but no one has been able to find the place.

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The Deeds and Exploits

There’s a tale about an organization that tried to manipulate Hoopa’s power for their own benefit.

After a while, certain objects that belonged to the organization began to disappear.

Everything from weapons and vehicles to money… It all began to vanish one by one.

The Organization got scared and decided to hole up inside of their headquarters.

Once they did, things stop disappearing! Just Like That!

Relieved that it was over, the organization finally decided to step outside.

It was then discovered their headquarters had been transported wholesale to somewhere in the middle of a desert.

Terrified of what they had unleashed, the organization promptly disbanded.

Lastly, what determines whether Hoopa will be a trustworthy partner or end up great misfortune  – is in fact up to the bond between the Trainer and Hoopa

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From previous information, which I have reported:

Hoopa in Pokemon X and YHoopa is Psychic/Ghost, 1’08″, 19.8 lbs. #152. It is known as the Mischief Pokemon. “It gathers things it likes and pushes them through its loop to teleport them to a secret place.

Hoopa’s signature move is Hyperspace Hole, a special Psychic-type attack. A dark hole is created in the ground, Hoopa goes through it, then comes out behind the enemy and hits them. “Using a hyperspace hole, the user appears next to the target and strikes. This also hits a target using Protect or Detect.” It’s got 80 power and N/A accuracy. Hoopa can also learn Psychic, Shadow Ball, and Trick Room.

At Level 100 with no EV training, Hoopa’s stats can be 301/231/154/315/296/177.




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