The Best Way To Celebrate The Release of Mario Kart 8

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The Best Way To Celebrate The Release of Mario Kart 8

Mario Kart 8 is a week and a half away from launch, and the hype is at all time high. In imitation of Kaz Hirai during Sony’s E3 2006 conference when announcing Rige Race – I have a few words to say… It’s Mario Kart! It’s Mario Kart!!! Everyone loves Mario Kart! If you don’t, then there is something seriously wrong with you.

If you are like me – then you will be likely spending hours upon hours, days upon days, even months – clocking an insane amount of playtime on Mario Kart 8. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that this is a colossal game, and it’s only natural that a celebration is in order to mark the launch of the game.

I am going to party like it’s 2012! Quite literally! Don’t be a lame-o by simply hopping online as soon as you get your copy home. Follow tradition, and celebrate the right and best way. I am confident that I know the best way to celebrate the release of Mario Kart 8. It’s my way or the Mario Kart highway.

Without further APU, here is the best way to celebrate the release of Mario Kart 8!

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mario kart 8 friends

The company of Good Friends.

In my humble opinion, the best way to celebrate the release of Mario Kart 8 is to have good friends come over to play the insane local multiplayer – oldschool style – you know what I am saying. By that I mean – four players at a time taking turns sitting around the couch and playing the game like the series was originally designed for. Nothing beats the personal touch – listening to your friends laugh, scream and spit profanities every minute is delightful. Hearing the cries and butthurt of the losers is simply music to my hears. Not to mention, I love the taste of tears. YUM! YUM! YUM!

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mario kart 8 party mountain dew doritos

Doritos, Mountain Dew’s and Beers

Geoff Keigley would know a great deal about the combination of Doritos and Mountain Dew, and no doubt he would be a great supporter of the duo when it comes to party snacks. A party isn’t quite complete without Doritos, Mountain Dews and beers. The logic and reasoning behind the choice of snacks is self explanatory. The Doritos are to cure the munchies, Mountain Dews to get your guests on a sugar high and beers to guarantee a classic Mario Kart memory is made.

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mario kart cake

Image Source: Shakarbakery

Cake (Keki)

You can’t have a party without cake. Unlike, the typical shindig, in a Mario Kart 8 party, you can have your cake and eat it. The choice of cake is up to you! I personally would go for either a rich and smooth French Mud cake or a tangy lemon cheesecake.

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I was just kidding before, you can select celebrate the release of Mario Kart 8 in any fashion you deem worthy. In fact, let me know what are your plans to celebrate Mario Kart 8? What are your thoughts on my partying habits?

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  • Rinslowe

    My answer to this heading;

    Is to get online and play it!

    May 31st for us oceania peeps. Actually I’m in HK. But my console was bought when on Holiday in NZ.