How to Find Scizorite? Scizorite Not Appearing In Frost Cave?

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How to Find Scizorite? Scizorite Not Appearing In Frost Cave?

I’ve recently gone back to Pokemon X&Y to apply the finishing touches for my competitive Pokemon team. One of the final pieces of the puzzle is obtaining Scizorite for my Mega Scizor. Thinking it was a standard affair – unfortunately – I did run into unexplainable troubles during my hunt. The Scizorite was not appearing where it should be. Looking at google searches and YouTube comments, I’ve noticed quite a few individuals have ran into the similar problems.

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In order to begin the hunt for Scizorite or any other post-game Mega stones, you will need to comply with a few prerequisites.  Firstly, you must have beaten the game at least once –obviously this requires conquering the elite four and the Champion.

After beating the game, it is time to upgrade your Mega Ring. Travel to Kiloude City and head up to the northern most part of the city – there you will meet your rival. After a heated battle, your rival will ask you to meet Professor Lysandre.


Fly to Anistar City to meet Professor Lysandre in front of the Sundial. After the chit-chat, Lysandre will confirm you will now be able to locate the post-game Mega Stones.

Please note:  Scizorite will only appear during 8pm and 9pm, you can adjust the time of the 3DS through the setting – if you are not bothered to wait

Scizorite is located in the Frost Cave, north of Dandemille Town, the same place where Abomasnow resides. Just make your way through the cave until you find the Abomasnow. If you are lucky –a pink glow behind Abomasnow will indicate that the Scizorite is available to pick up.

How to Find Scizorite? Scizorite Not Appearing In Frost Cave?

However, even after doing everything right – Scizorite may not appear behind the Abomasnow. This was certainly true with my experience. However, I did find a solution that worked for me. If the Scizorite isn’t there, exit the room where the Abomasnow resides by heading south from where you entered (do not leave the Frost cave). Once you have left the room, re-enter the Abomasnow room, and check whether the Scizorite appears. If it still isn’t there, then it wouldn’t hurt to try this method two or three more times.

I did a little research, apparently if you changed the clock of your 3DS to 8-9pm, while saved in the Frost Cave, Scizorite will not appear. To remedy this, just leave the Frost Cave, and then travel back to Abomasnow. I do not have confirmation whether this works, but it could be a potential solution.

If these solutions do not work – unfortunately – I have no other solutions. Fingers Cross it does!

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