Why You Should Be Super Excited For Mario Kart 8

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Why You Should Be Super Excited For Mario Kart 8

Nintendo has begun the hype machine – with an out of the blue Mario Kart 8 Direct. The latest round of information very much confirmed what many gamers suspected – that  Mario Kart 8 is turning out to be a compelling piece of software. Mario Kart 8 will no doubt reinvigorate the Wii U from a gamer’s perspective – as this game alone will eat so much time.

However, if you are sitting on the fence deliberating on whether to purchase Mario Kart 8 – perhaps a little persuasion is needed. So here’s why you should be super excited for Mario Kart 8.

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Dem Graphics

Mario Kart 8 g

The Mario Kart series typically wasn’t the series that pushed the graphics envelope. However, Nintendo is looking to change series perceptions with Mario Kart 8. Nintendo haters -I don’t care who you are – you have to admit this looks gorgeous. Sure – it is not technically impressive like Infamous: Second Son or Ryse, but that doesn’t take away the accomplishment that Nintendo was able to achieve with Mario Kart 8. I mean, just look at the GIF! Best of all, it runs at a smooth and sexy 60FPS; even at two player multiplayer. Not only will Mario Kart 8 be providing insane fun – it will also be serving us a health dose of eye candy for our viewing pleasure.

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Gravity Defying gameplay

Mario Kart 8 (7)

I am always amazed at Nintendo’s ability to freshen up long established franchises. The new gravity defying mechanic’s appears to add an extra dimension to the tried and true formula of Mario kart. Mario Kart has evolved from its lowly beginnings, that being strictly rooted in on-road gameplay. However, the series has progressed to incorporate many layers into the gameplay from traversing underwater, flying through the air and now verticality. Not only does the gravity open new possibilities for alternate routes – it also changes the way we play – now encouraging player’s to make contact with each other and specific obstacles to gain a neat boost. How much fun this adds to to the series is still debatable, but it is heartening to see Nintendo challenging conventions. In addition, the gravity adds grandeur to the design, especially with the re-imagined retro tracks. Mario Kart 8 is looking to be a forward thinking entry into the series – one that adds a twist to a familiar taste.

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Online Glory

Mario Kart 8 (5)

It took Nintendo bloody long enough to release their first online orientated game for the Wii U. Luckily, a mighty effort was made to shine this Jewel. In addition to the staple modes, Nintendo is finally taking note on the importance of Online multiplayer, with the inclusion of Game Chat, a cuztomizable tournament mode, Miiverse integration and the option to upload replays directly to YouTube. This is a comprehensive online effort by Nintnendo – let’s hope this marks a trend for more online oriented games. Mario Kart Wii and Mario Kart 7 are sublime online experiences that connected many gamers around the world – if Mario Kart 8’s Online matches or surpass the heights of its predecessor, then we are in for a treat. I personally cannot wait to accumulate a top notch rating to show off to everyone in the lobby.

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It’s Mario Kart! DUH!

mario kart 8 (7)


Mario Kart needs no introduction. Many, if not, all gamers have fond memories of Mario Kart. The series is a sure fire nostalgia machine that has resonated in a deeper level than the typical game. I suspect for many – Mario Kart symbolizes a childhood, many fond memories and lost friendships (stupid blue shell). Earlier this year – Microsofts Phil Spencer claimed Mario Kart 8 is a genre defining game, and I totally agree with his sentiment. It’s not hard to see why – quality imitators have come and gone throughout the years, yet none have really made a notable challenge to Mario Kart’s throne. Mario Kart is a one of a kind game – a guaranteed winner – certified to bring a smile on your face.

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  • disqus_pMsQpsXlMr

    buying it day 1, this seems the best mario kart since 64, and it may even be better than that one.

    • Ihatefatkatz

      After everything is said and done – it might be considered best in the series

      • disqus_pMsQpsXlMr

        Glad I’m not the only one to feel that way, It truly is the first MK to hype me since MK DS, I just hope for online balloon battle and block fort.

  • http://www.facebook.com/donalyn.dovalebrown Donalyn Dovale-Brown

    The graphics are frickin amazing, and I’m going to say that even on a technical level-I’d pit this against Infamous any day of the week..mustache physics ftw..