Mii-gamer’s Nintendo E3 Predictions Part 1: Pokémon NFC Game To Be Announced

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Mii-gamer’s Nintendo E3 Predictions Part 1: Pokémon NFC Game To Be Announcedpokemon nfc feature

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E3 2014 is almost upon us! Well recognized as the biggest gaming event of the calendar year – it is a little worrying that Nintendo has not announced their plans for E3. The question in most individual’s minds is whether Nintendo will be hosting a Conference or streaming a Direct like last year.  Nevertheless, let’s pray Nintendo takes the right path.

Nintendo has confirmed a few tidbits about their E3 showcase during the investor meeting in January. A key point that Iwata made during his presentation was the commitment to showcase the NFC functionality of the Gamepad with MULTIPLE PROPOSALS.


“In addition, the GamePad is the only video game platform with an NFC (near-field communication) reader/writer function. “Pokémon Rumble U” has already taken advantage of this function, but aside from this title, Wii U has failed to make use of the full potential of this function so far, despite it being a built-in feature.

This year, we will make full use of this function by preparing multiple proposals, including the implementation of NFC payments with JR East’s “Suica,” which we announced on a previous occasion. We will showcase our detailed propositions for utilizing the NFC functionality at E3 in Los Angeles in June.”


When Nintendo first announced that the NFC technology will be integrated into the Wii U GamePad – my mind instantly raced to the possibility of a Pokémon game. The insane popularity of the Pokémon franchise across multiple media forms will lend itself well to sell the appeal of the NFC functionality. To be honest –  I think Nintendo acknowledges the potential of a Pokemon NFC game – hence why they have decided to test the waters with the tiny project that was Pokémon Rumble U, before a full retail game.

Why do I believe the NFC game is Pokémon related? Besides, the clear business sense behind the move – Nintendo may have left a trail of breadcrumbs on the possible existence of a Pokémon Wii U game. Last year, Siliconera uncovered two trademarks filed by the Pokémon Company in the US: Pokken Fighters and Pokken Tournament. Furthermore, during the Pokémon Game Show a short reel revealed a peculiar footage of Lucario and Blaziken facing off.

pokken fighter

As suggested by many, the Pokkén Fighters/Tournament could be a Tekken and Pokémon crossover – which in essence could turn out to be a fighting game. A Pokémon Fighting game would definitely pique my interest, especially if it is in the same fashion as Tekken. If it is indeed a fighting game – then the NFC could work well for the game.

Firstly,  a Pokémon Fighting game is viable. In fact, the Pokémon company has a line up of 30 Fighting types to select from to make a roster from:

1. Primeape
2. Machamp
3. Hitmonlee
4. Hitmonchan
5. Hitmontop
6. Hariyama
7. Conkeldur
8. Throh
9. Sawk
10. Mienshao
11. Medicham
12. Lucario
12. Mega Lucario
14. Pangoro
15. Hawlucha
16. Poliwrath
17. Mega Mewtwo X
18. Hercaross
19. Mega Heracross
20. Infernape
21. Blaziken
22. Toxicroak
23. Gallade
24. Emboar
25. Scrafty
26. Terrakion
27. Virizion
28. Keldeo
29. Meloetta
30. Chestnaught

In addition to the aforementioned fighting types, there are other Pokémon that would fit quite well in a fighting game. Check out my list below:

1. Electivire
2. Sneazel
3. Ursaring
4. Kabutops
5. Bisharp
6. Scizor
7. Marowak
8. Nidoking
9. Sceptile
10. Greninja
12. Dragonite
13. Darmanitan
14. Beartic
15. Diggersby
16. Garchomp
17. Zangoose
18. Ambipom
19. Barbaracle

20. Pinsir

Imagine the possibilities!   Nintendo could potentially offer a FULL game  with a line up of 20 to 30 Pokémon Fighters, and offer sets of figurines as alternatives to DLC. Best of all Nintendo – can create value and longevity for the game by regularly offering new figurines periodically.

pokemon nfc


With the Pokémon Brand- Nintendo has a few options for the additional NFC purchases. Firstly, Nintendo could utilize the already successful TCG. In my opinion, Nintendo will follow Activisions lead by offering figurines. I quite like the idea of Pokéballs containing Pokémon Figurines, which definitely sells the idea of being a Pokémon Master.

The advertising message would follow the lines of “You Gottta Collect them ALL”  with a strong marketing campaign that follows the same principles that made mainline Pokémon series popular.

It is important that Nintendo offers a COMPLETE game – one that can be enjoyed without the need to purchase extra figurine’s. If the game is packed with content, then I suspect consumers will not feel ripped off when buying the extra NFC stuff.

Nintendo did clearly say that during E3 they will have multiple NFC proposals – so there is a high chance there could be more than one NFC capable game revealed. Animal Crossing Wii U could work well with NFC integration. Perhaps, an entirely new franchise dedicated to NFC is on the way? In fact, it is plausible , that the mysterious Pokkén Fighters might turn out to be a normal game, with the NFC game being something else.

What Are Your Predictions For Nintendo’s E3 NFC game?

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