Pre-order Mario Golf: World Tour In The UK And Get A Free Mario Hat

By Michael On 15 Apr, 2014 At 11:13 PM | Categorized As 3DS News | With 0 Comment

mario golf world tour pre order

One thing you can always depend on Nintendo for – is extra tidbits when you purchase their games. Last year if you were quick enough to pre-order-  The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD Limited Edition – you were blessed with a Ganon Figurine. Lego City Undercover was packed with a small Chase McCain Lego Figurine and there are countless of other instances.

Now, if you Pre-order Mario Golf: World Tour from the Nintendo UK store – you will receive a free Mario Hat. The game retails at £34.99 and with the free Hat – it is surely to convince those on the fence to take a swing at Mario Golf: World Tour.

Mario Golf: World Tour will be out on May 2 for both Europe and America. If you cannot wait until then – Nintendo will have a demo available for download this Thursday.

Source: Nintendo UK, Via Nintendo Life

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