Strongest Mega Evolution to be decided in Pokemon X&Y specials

By Michael On 13 Apr, 2014 At 03:16 PM | Categorized As 3DS News, General News | With 0 Comment


I don’t know how this piece of information escaped me – especially since I am a massive Pokemon fan – nevertheless – no harm was done. What am I talking about? Well, I just recently discovered (around 1 hour ago) – that a Pokemon X&Y spin-off anime is running simultaneously to the Pokemon animated mainline series (i.e Satoshi’s adventure). The spinoff series is titled Pokemon XY Special – The Strongest Mega Evolution.

The series follows the adventures of a brand new protagonist – Allan and his pesky travel companion Manon. Allan, from what I can gather – strives to be the strongest Mega Evolution Pokemon trainer – with his Mega Charizard X. Unlike the preachy mainline series – The Strongest Mega Evolution is more action oriented – which is a breath of fresh of air from the normal series since it has become extremely stale over the years.

The very first episodes see’s Allan and his trusty Mega Charizard battle a Mega Absol and a Mega Garchomp. Best of all – Elite Four Siebold shows his might with his Mega Blastoise. Of course – I will not spoil the episode details – so I implore you to watch the new series.  Pokemon XY Special – The Strongest Mega Evolution has serious potential if it can maintain the strong focus on battles rather than the lovey dovey friendship motif of Satoshi’s adventures.

I will bring you more coverage of Pokemon XY Special – The Strongest Mega Evolution when new episodes air. Until then, let me know your opinion on who is the best Mega Evolved Pokemon.

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