Super Smash Bros For Wii U/3DS: Mega Man Analysis – Moves, Final Smash and Playstyle

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April’s Super Smash Bros Nintendo Direct was simply an explosion of tantalizing information. From details to Online multiplayer, Stages, Items and New Modes – it will be difficult to fan a Smash Bros that was dissatisfied after watching the Nintendo Direct. Perhaps – what most fans are interested in – is how the newcomers will play – more specifically their special moves and Final Smash. Thankfully – to our delight- Sakurai did showcase footage revealing all the Newcomer’s Special’s and Final Smash.

To start things off – it would be appropriate to have a quick look at the highest profile rookie – Mega Man. Capcom’s Mascot received special treatment from Mr Sakurai with all his attacks named – which not surprisingly draws inspiration from Mega Man’s rich history in video games.



The following are the titles of Mega Man’s normal attacks, including grabs – as shown in the footage above:


Strong Down Attack: Slide (Mega Man 3)

Dash Attack: Top Spin (Mega Man 3/Top Man)

Strong Up Attack: Mega Upper (Marvel Vs Capcom)

Side Smash Attack: Charge Shot (Mega Man 4)

Up Smash Attack: Spark Shock (Mega Man 3/ Spark Man)

Down Smash Attack: Flame Blast (Mega Man 6/ Flam Man)

Front Air Attack: Flame Sword (Mega Man 8/ Sword Man)

Back Air Attack: Slash Claw (Mega Man 7/ Slash Man)

Up Air Attack: Air Shooter ( Mega Man 2/ Air Man)

Down Air Attack: Hard Knuckle (Mega Man 3/ Hard Knuckle)

Grab: Super Arm (Mega Man/ Guts Man)


Mega Man screen-10 Mega Man screen-9 Mega Man screen-7 Mega Man screen-5 Mega Man screen-4 Mega Man screen-2 Mega Man screen-1


Now here comes the goodies – the following are the names for Mega Man’s specials:


Nuetral Special Attack: Metal Blade (Mega Man 2/ Metal Man)

Side Special Attack: Crash Bomber (Mega Man 2/Crash Man)

Down Special: Leaf Shield (Mega Man 2/Wood Man)

Up Special: Rush Coil


I thought it was appropriate to make a Gif for Mega Man’s Final Smash as screenshots would not give it justice. Sadly, we do not have a formal title for the move nor do we have in-game footage. However, we do know that Mega Man’s final smash will involve his many forms – presumably acting as one – shooting lasers to form a rainbow beam onto the opponents, but, this is pure speculation on my part.

 My Opinion On Mega Man As A Playable Character

Since, I have not played the game an accurate impression of Mega Man’s play-style cannot be made. Luckily, we do have some in game footage to go from which does might provide clues. From what I can gather, Meg Man has a clear strength in range battle.  With a vast arsenal of projectiles in Charge Shot, Metal Blade, Leaf Shield and Crash Bomber – I can see Mega Man man style will be spacing out players with his projectiles- much like Samus and Link. His Slide and Top Spin could be great moves to close distance between the opponents – if you find the need to engage in close combat (just look at the IGN video – time stamp 0.33).

I’ve noticed – Mega Man’s Smash Attacks has a long cool down period, particularly the Spark Shock and Flame Blast, which most likely will leave him vulnerable if these attacks do not connect. Mega Man does have decent aerial moves, but they lack noticeable knock back – which could be a blessing for combo potential or a detriment since aerial strategy have been integral in past titles, especially when ledge guarding. Then again, having a meteor smash is a blessing.

From what I have seen so far Mega Man killing ability may be lacking – especially when compared to Little Mac as a point of reference. Flame Blast does not have good knock back as shown in the first video at the top of the page- acting more as a defensive attack when surrounded – even when opponents are hit by the move – they don’t travel far even if they are low damage percentage. Therefore, it would be safe to assume Charge shot and Spark Shock will likely be the go to smash attacks. No doubt Hard Knuckle’s meteor smash ability will be a key move to KO opponents – since I cannot see his other moves being adequate enough for a consistent kill.

Don’t take my word as truth. Because at the end of the day – I could be completely wrong- with Mega Man playing entirely differently from my analysis. But one this is clear – Mega Man is a worthy addition to the Smash Bros universe and will no doubt be a highly popular character. I for one cannot wait to try him!


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  • Fuchey

    At first glance, he seems to be a pretty balanced character, but we’ll see in the end.

    Also, what’s the name of the remix in the video? It’s pretty rad.

    • Ihatefatkatz

      I honestly don’t know – it is from the trailer – we will definitely find out when the game is out 😛

      • Fuchey

        We probably will at that. Hopefully Nintendo releases an official soundtrack this time around, cause what they’ve played so far had been fantastic!