It Appears Ridley Will Not Be A Playable Character In The Next Super Smash Bros

By Michael On 9 Apr, 2014 At 09:15 AM | Categorized As Super Smash Bros | With 6 Comments


During the recent Smash Bros Nintendo Direct – Sakurai went into detail about Boss Character appearing in certain stages. In the direct – the Yellow Devil was detailed extensively as a Boss Character for the Mega Man stage. However, Sakurai did hint that there will be more Boss Characters – showing the shadow of what it is most likely Ridley – hovering over Pyrosphere (at 7.19 timestamp of the Nintendo Direct).

Ridley is perhaps one of the most requested Nintendo Icon that fans demand to be a playable character in Super Smash Bros. However, with the certain confirmation that Ridley will be a boss character that will periodically appear in Pyrosphere – it is likely Ridley will be missing out on a spot in the famous roster of Super Smash Bros. I for one will be disappointed – but I was almost expecting this – to be honest. I suppose we will have to wait until the next installments.

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  • Juhis815

    The only problem about Ridley is that it needs to be scaled down considerably, and this can be really off-putting to Nintendo fans that Ridley isn’t as big as it should be.

    • Aiddon

      no freaking kidding. Considering he can actually hold Samus in ONE HAND he’d have to be shrunk to, at the biggest, a quarter of his actual size.

    • wernigtjeroeroeroeroeroeroeroe

      I can’t imagine anyone would care. Also, Ridley is a HE not an IT.

  • gravity suit samus

    “Boss characters will make appearances in other stages, just not this one.”
    said that, when he showed pyrosphere and ridley’s shadow there. It
    seems to me he meant that pyrosphere has no boss character appearing!
    That would mean Ridley flew by eighter as an assist trophy or a playable
    character. But there’s more! For a split second, you can see ridley’s
    wing in the upper left corner, when he flies by. He seems to still be
    huge, but not holding-samus-in-one-hand huge. Small enought to be a
    fighter, but easily the biggest of them all.

  • justplainquirky

    i believe in Sakurai. Ridley be playable pls.

  • Guest

    i’ve seen that isn’t th ereal Ridley,is Other M Ridley,a clone of the original one.