Nintendo needs to market the crap out of Mario Kart 8

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Nintendo needs to market the crap out of Mario Kart 8

Wii U is in a pickle right now! Games! Games! And more games are needed to make the Wii U appealing. Though the Wii U currently has the best line-up out of the three new consoles – Nintendo has failed to release these sublime titles in a consistent and timely matter – consequently losing any momentum with the droughts.

It will be a long grind for Wii U fans between Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze and Mario Kart 8 – not only will we have a small amount of retail games to play – but we will no doubt have to put up with more ridiculous crap from haters.

Mario Kart 8 (2)

Nevertheless, Mario Kart 8 is shaping up to be one of the best Wii U game so far – perhaps when everything is said and done – the gravity defying racer might be recognized as one of the best game of this generation. Personally speaking, the hype level is so out of control that my body cannot cope with the trembles. Nintendo has a compelling piece of software within Mario Kart 8 – one that has the potential to sell in the multi-million’s and move consoles. Therefore, it would be an incredible waste if Ninty does not give the game the attention it deserves, to allow it the best chance to perform its magic. By this, I mean – they need to market the fuck out of Mario Kart 8.

Now is the time to make a big move – an opportunity to make large ripples with the Wii U – pronounce the console to the mass in grand fashion. Nintendo’s marketing has been abysmal – often confusing, uninspired, cheesy and forgettable – which not coincidentally is a large part of why the console has been underperforming. Essentially, they have not been able to convey a strong message for why the consumers should buy a Wii U, despite having an incredible library consisting of New Super Mario Bros U, The Wonderful 101, The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD, Pikmin 3, Super Mario 3D World and Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. The games are there – Nintendo just have not been able to convince consumers to dip their toes in the Wii U puddle (the beautiful puddle -just look at the gif below ).

Mario Kart 8 g


However, Nintendo can put forth a convincing message for consumers – if they market Mario Kart 8 well and effectively. Mario Kart 8 must be exposed to millions – the message must be convincing enough for consumers to want to buy Mario Kart and the Wii U.

I like how Hibern81 put’s it, which reflects my opinion on the matter:

They need to shove this down people’s throats like Ron Jeremy in an 80’s style porno. They need a blitzkrieg advertising campaign like they haven’t had in years, and as many tie-ins as they can possibly muster. I want to go to bed thinking about Mario Kart, and wake up with morning wood from having dreamt about it all night!”

Mario Kart 8 (6)

Obviously – a typical TV advertising campaign is a must, but, I think Nintendo can go even further with their marketing blitz for Mario Kart 8. I mean, just imagine the buzz Nintendo would create if they held a publicity stunt, by which they held a Kart Race (controlled and safe) in the city of New York, Tokyo, London, Paris, Sydney, etc. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a race; they could have replicated Karts from the game driving around the city. If the media and social media site’s gets hold of this – the exposure for Mario Kart 8 could be phenomenal.

More importantly, Nintendo has to get Maro Kart 8 in the hands of consumers – remind them how incredibly fun the series – give them the opportunity to the see for themselves the improvements made to the core experience – let them be in awe of the superb visuals. Partnering with leading retails such as Gamestop (EB games in Aus/Can), Walmart, Game, Target, Best Buy and JB Hifi – so that demos of Mario Kart 8 can be setup in stores would be a clever move by Nintendo. Give potential consumers the chance to try out the game – try before you buy if you will – give them a taste of the delicious main course – make them crave for that Mario Kart experience.

Mario Kart 8 (1)

Fortunately, Mario Kart 8 will arrive in less than 2 months’ time – so there is time for Nintendo to prepare an incredible marketing campaign for Mario Kart 8 and they certainly need it if the Big N wants a Wii U comeback. In truth, I wrote this article to remind Nintendo that they have to get their butts off the couch and market their games well – I would hate to see a game with so much love poured into it, not be played by as many people as possible.


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