The Most Beautiful Yet Deadly Beasts of Pikmin 3

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The Most Beautiful Yet Deadly Beasts of Pikmin 3

Planet PNF-404 is a stunning planet filled with wonders and beauty. Leave it to Nintendo to make an unique and lively world. The serene ambience expertly crafted by Nintendo is simply a ruse to disguise the many dangers within the luscious environment. The fauna of PNF-404 are exceptionally deadly – so much so – that even under the comfort of a spaceship it is still too dangerous to remain in the terrestrial world during dusk. Thankfully, when it is time for exploration  – Charlie and his crew has a loyal army of Pikmin at their disposable – ready to die at the call of duty.

Needless to say – a life of a Pikmin living in PNF-404 is short and difficult with so many carnivores lurking. To make things worse – the most beautiful creatures are often the most dangerous. To help my fellow explorers – here are 5 beautiful yet deadly beasts to watch out for in Pikmin 3.

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The Scornet Maestro

scornet maestro

Scornet Maestro is the Queen Bee of the Scornet genus. Part Hummingbird and part Hornet – Scornet Maestro majestically  graces the skies effortlessly and able to command a platoon of underlings to either protect her or attack at will with the Harp hidden between her beak. Don’t let the exotic colors of blue and yellow fool you into complacency –the Scornet Maestro will devour your entire Pikmin Army if you are not careful.


The Vehemoth Phosbat

vehemoth phosbat

The Vehemoth Phosbat is an elusive creature that hides within the dark. Although – initially you might think this is one ugly monster not exactly fits the description of beautiful, however the illumination caused by the biolight situated around Vehemoth Phosbat’s body is magnificent. Thankfully, the beautiful lights are a warning sign of the impending danger signaling that the beast is ready to attack. Watch out for that gaping mouth – as it can swallow you whole.


The Bearded Amprat

bearded amprat


The Bearded Amprat is a peculiar looking rodent. As the name suggests this Amprat has an abnormally long beard dangling covering everything from the nose down. It may not look much when you first encounter the Bearded Amprat, but when it enters in a state of aggression the hair raises due to an enormous amount of electricity naturally generated thus capable of shocking any Pikmin that isn’t colored yellow.


The Pekish Aristocrab

pekish aristocrab

I am going to be honest – the Pekish Aristocrab is my favorite fauna of PNF-404. In my earnest opinion, I would describe the Pekish Aristocrab as a spliced creature made from the DNA of an Onion (Asian Shallot) and a Crab, however, some have described it as a Garlic Crab, but I still insist my description is the most accurate. Regardless, this beautiful creature is one of the most deadly animals (that is, not a boss) in PNF-404. The hard armor makes the Pekish Aristocrab difficult to take down – not to mention it can blow bubbles just like the almighty Pokemon – Kingler.


The Medusal Slurker

medusal sluker

The Medusal Slurker is an enigma. I find it quite difficult to describe the Medusal Slurker – it is a translucent Jelly Fish, with peculiar eyes and a dandelion antenna – it could very well be a new genus. Nevertheless, the Medusal Slurker is a beautiful creature if you like unusual and exotic creatures like myself. Heed this warning though, do not gaze into its eyes – the hypnotic powers is a ruse so the Mudusal Slurker can use its uvula to devour your Pikmin buddies.


The Bulborb


This list would not be complete without the Bulborb. The most common and ravenous carnivore of PNF-404. Like when the T-Rex ruled the earth – the Bulborb is an apex predator when in full size (my assumption by the way). What makes it worst is that these beasts often congregate in pack therefore making a clumsy attack is guaranteed to result in a massacre. Thankfully, the Bulborbs are noctornal – with luck you can kill one of those magnificent monsters by a surprise swarm attack – that is if you are lucky.

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Don’t let these beautiful yet deadly beasts frighten you out of playing Pikmin 3 because you will be missing out on an amazing experience. If you like – you can read my review for Pikmin 3 here.


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