The Wii U Five Episode 11: Wii U Commercial, Satoru Iwata’s Background

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Wii U five

A new episode of ” The Wii U Five” is now live. If you are unfamiliar with the Wii U Five – it is web talk show hosted by my fellow Nintendo FriendoJasan (AKA ZyroXZ2) – in which he discusses any topic relating to the Wii U in less that five minutes.

This episode, Jason takes us through a new pitch for a Wii U commercial and delves deeper into Iwata’s background.

You can follow Jason by subscribing to his YouTube account, following him through Twitter or liking his Facebook page. I highly recommend you subscribe to him.

Furthermore, I am proud to announce that Jason is now officially partnered with Mii-gamer. As such – I will be posting his videos on a regular basis on here. I hope you enjoy :)

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    You’re the best, man! I’ve already told one of my most supportive forums that they should check out your page! :D