Zelda Themed DLC available for Sonic Lost World Wii U

By Michael On 27 Mar, 2014 At 05:56 PM | Categorized As Wii U News | With 1 Comment

sonic lost world zelda

Free DLC? Impossibru

I always find it funny that Nintendo receives a strong amount of unnecessary hate. Nintendo does not participate in lousy business practices such as day one DLC, micro-transactions or place a pay wall to access online and yet they are constantly slammed needlessly.

I am glad Nintendo hasn’t changed their philosophy despite the onslaught they receive. Nintendo/Sega has announced a new round of DLC available for Wii U owners of Sonic Lost Worlds. Best of all the DLC is free!

This time around – the DLC is a Zelda themed pack – rightfully calling it The Legend of Zelda Zone. From a visual standpoint – the DLC looks gorgeous – so if you have Lost World then you owe yourself to give this a try.

The DlC will be available tomorrow.


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