The Best Themes From Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

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donkey kong country tropical freeze

In my humble opinion – Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze has the best video game soundtrack since the Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Composed by who many fans consider a legend of the industry – David Wise –  Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze soundtrack is simply a masterpiece – that deserves all the accolades that are bestowed upon it.

In no particular order – I would like to share my pick of what I believe are the 5 best themes from Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze.

(Please be mindful that I am not a musician – so I may have identified some instruments incorrect- if you do know the correct instrument please let me know in the comment section)

Twilight Terror – Stickerbrush Symphony

Definitely, one of my all time favorite themes of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. Twilight Terror Sticker Symphony is mesmerizing with the melancholy composition. The acoustics of the guitar and the Recorder (I think it is the Recorder, could be the flute) just soothes the soul and clears the mine. I’ve been told that this is a remix of a classic track Donkey Kong Country 2 – so I decided to check out the original – and it is equally as good.

Homecoming Hijinx Theme

Strumming up an aura of portentousness – the drums at the beginning effectively introduces the epic melody. I was enthralled by the entire composition – it is truly a masterful piece that effectively makes use of the capabilities of an orchestra. In order to appreciate the quality of Homecoming Hijinx – just close your eyes and try to identify the many instruments used throughout the entire composition, and think about how well harmonized they are.

Windmill Hills Theme

Although Windmill Hills was a source of frustration (I am referring to the 3rd section of the stage) – I could not stay mad at the stage because of the fantastic music. I love whimsical music, especially when you are feeling a little down and this theme is as whimsical as it gets. If music is the language of the soul – then one can only imagine that David Wise’s soul was in a state of tranquility when he composed this theme.

Mangrove Cove Theme

Serving as the flagship theme for many promotional trailers -Mangrove Cove is a no brainer for this list. I love the “jazzy” feel of the whole song – especially the strong presence of the trumpets. I have nothing else to the say, but this is an incredible theme.

Grassland Groove Theme

I saved my favorite for last. I know for certain that this theme will be remembered 1o years down the track (at least by me) and will go down as one of Nintendo’s best. I particularly like the vocalist in the background, making those unusual noises – particularly the “YAH YAH YAH!”. Best of all the theme fits the ambience of the level – fitting the African Saharan motif –  it is as if the composition is a traditional native song from the sun burnt land.


Do you like my list? What are your favorite themes from Donkey Kong Country: Tropcial Freeze?



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