The Most Wonderful Heroes from “The Wonderful 101”

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Wonderful 101 (pic 1)

The Most Wonderful Heroes from “The Wonderful 101”

(Warning there are spoilers in this article)

If you have been following me on this site – then you would know I am a massive fan of The Wonderful 101.  Sure “The Wonderful 101″ is a little rough around the edges, but it is an experience like no other – and I mean – like no other. Many fans will agree with me – that one of the most endearing qualities of “The Wonderful 101″ is the menagerie cast of heroes and villain.

What is not to love about the Wonderful One’s and their pals? They are wacky, colourful, funny, classy and distinct with strong personalities. With an assembly of memorable characters – I would like to share my opinion on who is the most wonderful hero from the Wonderful 101.

(Note: I am not strictly selecting Wonderful One’s)

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wonderful 101 prince vorkken

5. Prince Vorkken

Wait! Is Prince Vorkken a Wonderful Hero? I hear you say to me! The villainous Prince of the Rhullo comet and the leader of the wandering band known as the Guyzoch? Sure, he may not be the first choice of many W101 fans, but he is certainly my favorite and a must for this list.  Well, it is true that Prince Vorkken acts as the main stay antagonist throughout the Geathjerk invasion, but I would argue that he is a hero that lost his way. Corrupted by power (and a nasty Geathjerk nano bot), Prince Vorrken lost sight of his kindness and the goal of avenging of his people. In my opinion, a true hero is measured by his conviction to do good – as such Prince Vorkkens heroics at the lasts acts and his dedication to atone himself from his sins – makes him a Wonderful Hero. And it can’t hurt that he is one tough cookie to beat.

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wonderful 101 platinum robo

4. Platinum Robo

Some might say a machine cannot be heroes. However, I say poppycock to that! Explain Wall-E, Arnold in Terminator 2, and Kristen Stewart from Twilight? Platinum Robo (AKA Professor Margarita, Luca’s Mum) is one crazy ass Robot. The ultimate weapon against the Geathjerk – even against insurmountable odds – Platinum Robo went beyond the call of duty to save earth. From battling an entire armada to the Big Boss himself – the Wonderful 101 would not have succeeded without the assistance Platinum Robo.

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wonderful 101 wonder pink

3. Wonder Pink/ Mariana Kretzulesco

Wonder Pink reminds a lot of Sakura Haruno from Naruto. Both are graced with Pink hair, both have an anger issues, both succumb to their womanly urges and both show kindness when needed (in the case of Wonder Pink with her motherly instincts with Luca). Not to mention she is a bad ass in battle with a giant whip as her weapon of choices. One of the most memorable moments in Wonderful 101 is the bitch fight between Wonder Pink and Vijounne – the exchange was so heated that Platinum games were required to censor a word or two – something I have not seen from a Nintendo published game since Conker’s Bad Fur day. For this reason, Wonder Pink is one of my favourite Wonderful One’s.

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wonderful 101 wonder blue

2. Wonder Blue /Eliot Hooker

My cute lady friends often tell me that guys with huge egos are over compensating for something. However, Wonder Blue’s large ego is well placed on his devastating Valiatium blade – the one guy you can believe when he says that he has a massive sword. His cocky façade and unwillingness to work as a team in the beginning is offset by his prowess in battle making him one powerful Hero. Wonder’s Blue Unite Sword is one of the most useful abilities in the game (and easiest to summon) – able to cut through multiple enemies at once, not to mention, it is able to reflect laser beams back towards the enemy.

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wonderful 101 wonder red

1.Wonder Red/ Will Wedgewood

I’m the Special Combat Agent, CENTINELS Planetary Secret Service, Blossom City Field Office! Also known as…Wonder-Red!

There could be only one choice for the top position – and that honour goes to Wonder Red. A man dedicated to justice and a virtuoso in combat achieving record scores in both his written and field exams. His Vulcan knuckle’s is his weapon of choice and when combined with the Unite Hand ability his power increases tenfold – making him one of my favourite characters in battle – able to easily to dispatch large enemies with relative easy. Wonder Red’s serious nature is juxtaposed with his perplexing over the top body stances and crazy one liner’s. Only a comedic genius could name a simple cannon attack “100% Wonderful Ultimate Grand Finale Virgin Victory Cannon Fire!”. I laughed so hard after seeing the bruise face of Wonder Red after he fought Wonder Blue during Operation 4. I also fondly remember giggling like a school girl after seeing Wonder Red being defeated wearing nothing but a pair of black panties. I sincerely hope – Wonder Red is included in Super Smash Bros – he is that incredible and more than deserving to earn a place in the covenant fighting series.

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Do you agree with my list? Who are your favorite heroes from “The Wonderful 101″?

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