Did Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze score a 5 from Gamespot?

Posted on Feb 16 2014 - 8:48pm by Michael Sobrevega

It could be a simple mistake or a little blunder – but Gamespot might have scored the highly anticipated title Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze a measly 5 out of 10. As some individuals have pointed out, that within the Tropical Freeze section of the Gamefaqs boards shows a concerning link. Scroll down the page, and you will be welcomed with this:

donkey kong gamespot

If you click on the link, it will lead you to a 404 page. Now, before we get our pitch forks and torches – let’s think rationally. This could be a small technical glitch and be nothing more than a mistake. On the other hand it could be the real deal. Nevertheless, it is an arbitrary number – so I don’t think we should get our panties tied in a knot…. Just yet.

  • WellWisher

    If it is the score and it’s justified: I just saved myself some money!

    • PSap29

      Don’t trust any reviews from GameSpot. Tom McShea probably reviewed it, and he’s infamous for unnecessarily giving games low scores when there is no reason for them to be scored low. To put it in perspective, he gave Skyward Sword a 7 and BioShock Infinite a 4. Do yourself a favor and read reviews on other sites.

  • Dchops

    If that is the true score I can tell you now that Tom McShay reviewed it. He gets caught up on some really odd quirks – to be honest I have no idea what WOULD please the man.

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