ONM teasing an unannounced Wii U game in their April issue

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Come on Nintendo! Give us a Nintendo Direct Already.

Anyway, until the time Nintendo decides to venture out of their cave – we have something to get excited about until E3. ONM (Official Nintendo Magazine) has teased that they will be covering an unannounced Wii U game in their April Issue out on March 12th.

The magazine teased fans with the following:

“OOOOOH! New Wii U game! (And no, it isn’t F-Zero or Star Fox),” they tease within the latest issue, also revealing that next month will see them review Yoshi’s New Island and talk Hyrule Warriors with the Dynasty Warriors development team.

(Via Nintendo-Insider)

From what we are given we can assume that is definitely F-Zero or Star Fox. However, speculation had it, that it would be Sonic Boom, however this isn’t the case. Matthew Castle (from ONM) further elaborated that it isn’t Sonic, but what it may be may no longer be “relevant”

“It isn’t Sonic, no, but what it is may no longer be relevant. Contents subject to change, as always.”

(Via Nintendo Everything)

I suspect the game will be revealed during the inevitable Nintendo Direct of the near future (this month) which is why Matthew had to clarify that it may not be relevant. What it could be? Your guess is good as mine.

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