A cornered beast will fight: Why you shouldn’t underestimate Nintendo

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I purposefully waited before publishing this piece. In truth, I was devastated with the news that Nintendo will be posting another year in the red, despite the success of the 3DS and Pokemon X&Y.  By that I mean, how on earth did Nintendo It was appropriate to let the dust settle and let my mind clear before assessing the situation. Anyone who thinks with a rational mind, will definitely support me, when I say that Nintendo is not in immediate danger or in better terms – critically wounded – it isn’t that dire… yet. However, I am not going to pretend that everything is fine and dandy in the land of Nintendo – it simply isn’t it true. I believe Nintendo has reached a fork in the road – by which their future depends on what path they decide to travel down.


I suppose many are absolutely tired of reading armchair analyst on what “Nintendo should do to save themselves” – so I won’t be doing that here. This is Nintendo’s journey – thus they are solely responsible for their decisions – the best I can do is follow them, support them and enjoying the roller coaster ride. And besides Nintendo are not going to listen to Journalist and internet dwellers for advice, because in truth – Nintendo has made the right choice more often than not and have proven many naysayers wrong time and time again – much more often than critics tend to admit (looking at you Michael Pachturd).


My issue with the media and the community– is how quickly they are willing to write off the Wii U and Nintendo in general. Excuse me for my lack of better words – but yes, Nintendo greatly f#cked up the Wii U’s fist year in the market – there are no ways to put a positive spin on it. It was an accumulation of mistake after the mistake that ultimately lead to the snail pail momentum of this fantastic console. However, let’s not go crazy here by calling this the death of Nintendo, that suddenly Nintendo has become irrelevant in the industry or suggest insanely stupid moves like becoming a software only company or ditching the Wii U entirely for a console that can compete with the PS4/One (spec wise). Any girl can tell you, that being premature can make you look extremely foolish – so blowing your load so quickly on the “Nintendo is doomed” train isn’t wise.

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I say this, because Nintendo isn’t the type of company to give up so quickly after a failure. Nintendo’s pride, honor and stubbornness is so entrenched in the company’s culture – that the term “surrender”  is not in their vocabulary list. You will be sadly mistaken, if you believe Nintendo is not going to fight for the Wii U and more importantly fight for their fans. It ain’t over until the fat lady sings and the fat lady isn’t ready to sing yet.


I was constantly hammered during my University days that you must never put forth an essay without providing a convincing argument. Therefore, it is up to me to provide substance in this piece and I have full intentions to do so.

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I suppose it would be appropriate to start chronologically.The year was 1994, the SNES was in trouble losing momentum due to the immense competition from the Sega Genesis and the looming launch of the very first PlayStation. The SNES needed a second win or else faced losing the battle entirely. From out of the blue –Donkey Kong Country single-handledly gave Nintendo back the momentum selling 6 million cartridges during that holiday season – a feat that was unheard of at that time. Not only Donkey Kong Country turned the tide of the console war in Nintendo’s favor, but it also allowed SNES to live on for more 2 years despite the release of the PlayStation.


I recently came across an article from the Pietriots (I highly recommend that you read it and check them out), which discusses the general sentiment of how the Sony PSP was going to destroy the Nintendo DS. The article reminded me that you should never underestimate Nintendo. Check out some of these quotes. (Warning some of these quotes are face palm worthy)


“Put the PSP next to the DS in the eyes of a customer and you can bury the DS the next day. The DS started very well, but so did the Dreamcast. The DS, IMHO, was a knee jerk reaction to the PSP and is sloppy all the way down the board. The launch titles between the two systems are night and day. The DS couldn’t even sell 1-1 software to hardware. The PSP is over a generation ahead in terms of technology and is going to wipe the floor with the DS. I completely respect Nintendo as a software company, but as far as hardware is concerned, they are a sheep lost in the woods, and Sony is coming home to grandma’s house (how’s that for mixed literary allusions? ) The DS will sell decently for 6-12 months, but it’s so far behind the PSP, customers are going to jump ship.”


“PSP vs DS is gonna become the NEW analogy of choice for demonstrating Nintendo incompetence.”

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What happened to the certain desolation of the DS by the PSP? The community was so certain that Sony would steal Nintendo’s bread and butter the handheld market. Despite the negative perceptions, Nintendo stuck to their conviction and was willing to endure until their vision for the DS came to fruition.  The most inveterate haters are haunted by nightmares of Nintendo making millions with the Nintendo Wii after the commercial disappointment of the GameCube. And let’s not forget that clinical resurrection of the Nintendo 3DS. Remember how the Vita was set to succeed? How did that turn out?


You could argue that the Wii U is in a deeper hole than the aforementioned situation, although true, but that would be missing the whole point of this article – that a cornered beast will fight. To think that Nintendo will simply give up on the Wii U is utterly ridiculous. Nintendo has proven on numerous occasions that they are capable of incredible things that go beyond our expectations and is without a doubt a resilient company.


I have followed this industry long enough to realize that anything can happen, even a miracle like saving the Wii U is possible. Call me a Wiitard, call me am optimist, call me delusional, call me whatever you want – I don’t particualarly care, but I honestly believe Nintendo is brewing something extraordinary in the background – perhaps even enough to do what so many people believe cannot be done.

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