New Disney game coming to the Wii U? Disney Infinity 2?

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disney infinity

I have had a miserable day battling Internet Warriors with no common sense or the necessary skill to function in society. My fellow readers – do not believe everything you read on the internet – always double check the information and scrutinize every detail.

Some of you may have noticed – I have not been posting the many rumors and alleged stories they have popped up in the intranet (eg. Watchdogs cancelled for Wii U, Nintendo Fusion). Why? Because, I want to keep my integrity intact and use all the skills I have learnt during my University days, especially when I report on news.

End Rant Now!

Third Party support might not have ended after all. According to a New Job Listing from Avalanche Studios, a New Disney game could be coming to the Wii U. The company is looking for game testers for an upcoming project. Importantly, the listing mentions that “familiarity with Xbox 360, XbOne, PS4, PS3, Wii U” is a plus. We can assume that this game is indeed scheduled for release on the Wii U. Avalanche Studios was responsible for the insanely popular Disney Infinity, therefore it might be safe to conclude that this title may be a sequel. I personally have no interest in these types of game, but I would love to see Disney Infinity 2 on the Wii U simply because the Wii U needs all the games that it can get.

What are your thoughts? Would you like to see a sequel to Disney Infinity?

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