Pachter’s December NPD Predictions; 1.25 mil 3DS, 550k Wii U’s

Posted on Jan 14 2014 - 9:32pm by Michael Sobrevega

michael pachter

Michael Pachter has shared his  NPD predictions for December:

[360] 600K
[3DS] 1250K
[PS3] 500K
[PS4] 1200K
[PSV] 120K
[WIIU] 550K
[XB1] 900K

Firstly, Pachter Wii U prediction is fairly optimistic, with a solid 550k consoles estimated to be sold in December. I suspect the Wii U will be slight lower than that when NPD reveals their numbers this Thurday. Pachter predicts that 1.2 million 3DS were sold during the month, which is in line with my estimates as well.

Source: Neogaf