Panta Rhei “Next Gen” engine could be used for Wii U games

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panta rhei

An anonymous developer has opened Pandora’s box yesterday -expressing quite openly his apparent difficulties developing for the Wii U and working with Nintendo. Usually, I would cover the story, but I have grown tired with the subject, especially with the back and forth arguments between dedicated fans and haters.

As a change of pace, from all the negativity – could news can turn those frown upside down. Capcom has recently divulged more information on their exciting next gen engine awesomely named – Panta Rhei. If you are unfamiliar with Panta Rhei – it is the engine that is currently powering the PS4 exclusive Deep Down.  Senior Manager of Technology Management Masauru Ijuin revealed that the engine is scalable and can be adopted for any system including the Wii U.


“Panta Rhei can be adapted to anything. It is designed to be a general-purpose engine, and facilitate the creation of all types of games. Capcom creates games for a variety of genres, so this engine needs to be capable of handling whatever kind of game we want to make. Panta Rhei can meet the exact needs of each development team, no matter what type of game it is they’re making. This engine is pretty much “engineered specifically for Capcom games”

Panta Rhei will keep pace with technological innovation, including improved hardware performance. As this technology advances, the important question we must ask is how efficient can we be in developing games. Efficiency is not only about cost. It’s about how effectively we can invest in developing entertaining games.”


Since Panta Rhei is a general-purpose engine – the Wii U could hypothetically get ports of next gen Capcom games such as the next Resident Evil or Street Fighter. So excuses like Wii not getting Resident Evil 5 because of power difference is no longer acceptable. But you must remember, 3rd parties will not be willing to make games for the Wii U, until the console is considered to be a viable investment from a business point of view (i.e. profitable). That’s besides the point – if Capcom or any other dev team use Panta Rhei for Wii U – then we can expect very pretty games in our library.


Source: Via Nintendo Life, Capcom

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