The Best and Worst Nintendo Commercials of 2013

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Nintendo’s form in the marketing department was poor last year. Some individuals have credited the Wii U abysmal performance to Ninty’s poor effort in marketing. While I do agree to a certain extent – however Nintendo has improved slightly towards the end of the year with some great commercials. So here are the best and worst Nintendo commercial of 2013 (my opinion of course).

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The Worst


I love everything about Lego City: Undercover except this Lego commercial. This was back when Nintendo’s Wii U commercials were at its worst. The worst part of the commercial is that annoying Dubstep music at the background plus it lacked creativity. Lego City: Undercover had a fantastic script filled with sublime humor – something Nintendo could have used to sell the game, but they went with something safe and uninspired – doing the game no justice at all.


3. The Pitch

I hope you like cheese, because this commercial is as cheesy as it gets. I have no idea what Nintendo was thinking when they decided to go with this commercial. Family Time? Togertheness? What are these things? And let’s not forget that terrible one liner from the dead, “Yeah looks like I have been upgraded poom.” These types of commercials scare consumers away from the product instead of enticing them into buying it.


3. Chinpolkamon

Nintendo does not necessarily need to advertise a mainline Pokemon, in fact, all they need to do is say “Hey, there is a new Pokemon game out! Now give us your money.” Unlike the first two commercial mentioned in this article, this commercial isn’t outright terrible – but rather it is average doing nothing creative or special. In my opinion, the commercial doesn’t capture the heart and charm of Pokemon X&Y – but more importantly from a marketing perspective it is rather dull. Sure the little kiddies will enjoy the neat CGI, but the older folks will cringe at the cheesy lines.

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 The Best

1. Ghostbusters

I love this commercial for the reason that it portray the game well. It checks all the right boxes: Does it show in game footage? Yes! Does it show the main gameplay mechanic? Yes. Is it visually appealing? Yes. Most importantly, it showcases the soul, aesthetics and atmosphere of the game effectively. This is a very good video game commercial in my opinion.



2. Return to form with the Wii Sports Club Tennis

Reminiscent of the Wii Sport commercial that made the Wii a global phenomenon – this is without one of the best Wii U related commercial -if not the best. What I love about this commercial that it sells the fun of online play – with Andre Agassi failing to win against a little girl at an online match of tennis. The advert is simple and witty which ultimately leads to an effective commercial.


3. Juri Ueno

I am a little bias with this choice – as I am a huge fan of Juri Ueno (known for her role as Megami in Nodame Cantabile) – so I have gravitated towards the commercial. Irrespective of my crush for Juri – the commercial showcases the charm and cuteness of the Pikmin series – with adorable CGI Pikmin showcased in the commercial. Unlike Nintendo of America – at least the Japanese can produce effective Wii U commercials. With Juri starring in the commercial it was no wonder that the Wii U got a nice spike in Japan.

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    I really don’t see the problem with the TV commercial of Pokemon X and Y. In fact, most of the TV commercials for the 3DS were better then the ones of the WiiU.

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      Me Neither Plummer