Global Hardware Sales 4th January; Wii U drops significantly, 3DS remains on top

By Michael On 12 Jan, 2014 At 01:02 PM | Categorized As General News | With 0 Comment

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Vgchartz has released its hardware sale estimates for the week ending on the 4th of January. Since the holiday season is effectively over – all consoles have dropped from last week. Worryingly, the Wii U has dropped significantly – almost by 100k – selling only 111 325 units during the week. It seems that Super Mario 3D World has only given the Wii U tiny momentum in Europe and North America. At least we can take away the fact that Super Mario 3D World has worked in Japan.

While the sales are still abysmal, we should look at the bright sides of things. We should look at incremental increases of the Wii U with each major release. It may not sell well like the 3DS or the PS4, but it could be a success story in its own right. Last year the Wii U was selling 30k worldwide weekly, at the very least during January and February – the baseline should be double or triple that – with the mean being around 7ok. In my opinion, Nintendo fans should drop the habit of thinking that situations will turn around overnight (I have been guilty as well) – it simply isn’t going to happen.

Until then Nintendo will be very happy with the performance of the 3DS, which once again, is at the top of the charts with 410 851 units sold worldwide this year. The performance of the 3DS should offset any financial loss with the Wii U – so we can rest assured that Nintendo ain’t going down anytime soon.

(Note: Vgchartz sales numbers are estimates – so therefore are not to be considered 100% accurate. Their service is to provide timely estimates that are suppose to be around the ballpark of the real numbers)

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