2014 should be treated as a clean slate for the Wii U

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2014 new years 2014 should be treated as a clean slate for the Wii U

2013 was a disaster for the Wii U. Even the most hardened Nintendo fanboy would find it difficult to defend the Wii U ‘s performance in 2013. Nintendo screwed up – this is putting it politely. In fact, I am still in disbelief on how badly the big N handled their new console and most disheartening is that the Wii U may never recover fully from all the damage. 2013 is coming to an end – it is what it is – no point dwelling on the past. I want to move positively into the future and Nintendo should too.


Nintendo’s best move from here on – is to treat 2014 as a new slate for the Wii U. 2014 is the perfect opportunity to forge a new destiny for the console with a positive mindset. Nintendo should not be fazed by the past or be scared for the future. They should stride forward with confidence to make the Wii U an incredible system with superb games – after all this is what matters most.


I know that most people are at their wits end and just plain tired of hearing suggestion on what Nintendo can do to save the Wii U. The problem is Nintendo appears to be so out of touch with the current market that perhaps constantly voicing criticism may be the only way that they will listen.


In my opinion the Wii U is a lost console – a console that has yet to find its identity. The Wii U is a console with a confusing message – it wants to appeal to the casual and core gaming market, but failing to do so in both fronts. It is a console that is stuck in a hard place with a controller that has yet to reveal its full potential. It is a console that is often mistaken for its predecessor.


In 2014, Nintendo must refocus their attention back to the message of the Wii U at E3 2011 -that this is a console for “U”. U as in the gamer. Nintendo may have earned piles and piles of cash from the casuals, however that market is unpredictable and will move to the next big thing without sympathy or regret. The harsh reality is that many have already done so. The Wii was a fantastic hit for Nintendo, but ultimately it was a short term investment that made them a quick buck, but did not lay a strong foundation for the Wii U. In my opinion, cutting support for prematurely for the Wii was a critical mistake by Nintendo as the consumers simply forgot about the brand. Essentially Nintendo failed to plant the seeds for the future.


I often hear the saying that the Wii Collected dust – anecdotal evidence it may be – but there is definitely truths in these words. Sure the Wii had its fair share of excellent games, perhaps the best exclusive lineup of the gen; however I find it difficult to believe that the Wii was the gamer’s console of choice. In comparison, Sony and Microsoft laid a strong foundation by catering strongly to the core gamer market with the PS3 and 360 – although these consoles were beaten by the Wii – you can’t refute the fact that the HD twins have given positive momentum to their successors. Now they are reaping the rewards for their hard work with the incredible launch of the Xbox One and PS4.


It will be very idiotic for Nintendo to continue its obsession with chasing an audience as volatile like the casuals. I believe it isn’t a long term investment and it will hurt them even more in the future. In 2014, the Big N must refocus their attention back on the gamer – after all this what they promised with the Wii U. Certainly they have hinted that they will aim for the gamers next year and the confirmed line up for 2014 may fulfil that promise. Clearly Nintendo should take a page out of the 3DS book, by providing a constant stream of quality games so that gamers may be tempted to bite and buy the Wii U. By adopting a new focus for the console – Nintendo can finally find clarity on the Wii U’s appeal and message. More importantly the Wii U will be a positive stepping stone for its successor on the condition that Nintendo delivers.

Furthermore, Nintendo must get their act together in the marketing department. They have been admirable recently with a stronger advertisement presence. However, having more advertisements isn’t necessarily effective marketing. Lately, Nintendo of America’s commercials for the Wii U have been absolutely cringing. Cheesy! Corny! Lame! Disturbing! Terrible! I am positive there are more words to describe these commercials, but it would be inappropriate to list them. I am no marketing expert or have extensive knowledge in the category, but even I know these commercials are garbage. Nintendo you need to market the Wii U better! I can’t stress this enough.


I’ll end this piece with a famous quote from the Termintator series – “The future’s not set. There’s no fate but what we make for ourselves.” Nintendo should use this quote for inspiration to change the fate of the Wii U – as nothing is really set in stone, so the Wii U can be sure fire hit if Nintendo is prepared to put the hard work. Facing an insurmountable amount of hate and negative – in 2014 – Nintendo must move forward with positivity and treat the new year as a new slate for the Wii U. Learn and understand your mistakes. Be better because of them! Come on Nintendo! Show us your resilience and fighting spirit.

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