Nintendo maybe willing to assist certain Youtubers from Copyright infringements

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Nintendo and controversy are synonymous. Lately it seems everything Nintendo does often cause a massive stir on the interwebs. From opting out to present a conference at E3, pulling Super Smash Bros Melee from Evo and lets not forget the Cranky Kong announcement at the VGX.



Currently the biggest topic of discussion is YouTube’s policy change on copyright infringements and content ID claims. Word has it, that YouTube is cracking down hard on youtubers that monetize videos through video game content. And Surprise! Surprise! The Big N is one of the publishers in question. Big name Nintendo VLOGGERS such as GameXplain, Josh Thomas and Tilmen have issued concerns about the YouTube crackdown.


Earlier today, Dualshocker’s reported that Nintendo is indeed using YouTube’s content ID system to protect them from copyright infringements. It is important to note that Nintendo is NOT against fair use. Essentially Nintendo is using the tools and system provided by YouTube protect themselves and not necessarily Nintendo cracking down hard on monetization of their games.


Nintendo’s Statement was issued to the YouTuber UltimatePisman in response to an email. Fortunately for UltimatePisman, Nintendo has been willing and eager to assist the YouTuber in resolving the issue. In a response, the Nintendo representative expressed an eagerness to help the YouTuber.


“The same Dan responded to that email today, he acted rather shocked on how lucrative YouTube actually is. Because of that, he asked us how he could help us.”


To resolve the issue, the User asked for their channel to be “Whitelisted” to avoid further future copyright infringements.


“The only thing we asked was to put our channel (guess its name…) on their whitelist, and resolve all the claims that were already made against us.
After that, he sent us another email asking how to whitelist a YouTube channel.
We called up BroadbandTV, which is our network, they confirmed us the users of YouTube’s CMS system can whitelist channels from claims.
When we asked how to do that, they told us to email TGN support, and we are awaiting response as we speak.”


It is good to see Nintendo willing to assist the YouTuber. Using this as an example, if you are a YouTuber it might be worthwhile to get in contact with a Nintendo representative to ask for official permission to monetize  Nintendo property and to be included in the Youtube whitelist. Be sure to justify “Why” you should be whitelisted. It wouldn’t hurt to have valuable and quality content on your channel.



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  • Jim Lee

    If they are using the fair use provision of the law they shouldn’t need to that is the whole reason it was included in the law. Also this seems to be part of an alarming tread by corporations to censor bad PR or online reviews of product that may show or reveal their product to be bad. Its got out of hand on eBay. Right now a lot of sellers have taken legal action to stop or get people to change bad feed back. I even heard a commercial for a law firm yesterday on the radio that promised to help sue anyone who left bad feed back about a company online.