More Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze Details

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The Wii U’s next big game is no doubt Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze which is scheduled for February 21st, 2014. A lot rest on Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze to maintain the positive  momentum ( as low as it may be) of the Wii U leading to the new year. I have no doubts it will be a great game by every account, but the Wii U needs killer software that can sell consoles, so fingers cross Donkey Kong can do it.

As part of marketing Nintendo has given publications opportunities to have hands-on time with the game. Luckily, Game-informer has shared some additional information on Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze (Via mynintendonews).

  • Snowmads are made up of penguins, owls, rabbits, sea lions, and walruses
  • Diddy Kong’s cartwheel attack useful for close attacks
  • Use Kong Pow with Diddy to turn all enemies on the screen into extra balloons
  • As previously mentioned, Dixie’s Kong Pow turns onscreen enemies into gold hearts
  • Dixie’s ponytail is like a propeller underwater for extra speed
  • Enemies will get tougher as you progress
  • Tucks (penguin-like enemies) start out with Donkey Kong being able to take them out by jumping on their heads or rolling into them
  • Later, they’ll have spears and helmets at their disposal, so you can only attack them from behind
  • Tucks will then come with double-sided spears and spiked helmets, so they must be stunned first before you can attack
  • 6 islands
  • 6-7 levels per island
  • Boss stage and a bonus level as well
  • Bonus level unlocks after collecting all KONG letters in each level
  • World 1: Lost Mangroves (rainforest, vine grabbing, zip-lining)
  • World 2: Autumn Heights (Bavarian-like mountain, mine carts, hot-air balloons, giant owls, jagged cliff faces)
  • World 3: Bright Savannah (tall grass, orange/brown colors, like an African safari, dodge brush fire and penguins with spears)
  • World 4: Sea Breeze Cove (blue harbors, sandy inlets, lots of swimming, dodge electric seaweed and manage air supply)
  • World 5: Juicy Jungle (tropical forest that produces a rare fruit, home to an elaborate processing plant, jump off jellies to reach new heights)
  • World 6: DK Island (Donkey Kong’s tree house has been frosted over, has homages to levels from Donkey Kong Country Returns)
  • Will always control Donkey Kong in single-player
  • Side characters add to Donkey Kong’s abilities
  • Subtle differences between the side characters
  • Can switch between side characters by breaking barrels in the levels
  • Icons on the barrels rotate slowly so that you can pick your partner
  • Offers challenging gameplay

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