Why Nintendo needs to announce Zelda Wii U at the VGX

By Michael On 5 Dec, 2013 At 08:01 PM | Categorized As Articles | With 6 Comments

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Why Nintendo needs to announce Zelda Wii U at the VGX

Despite the valiant effort of Super Mario 3D World, the Wii U is simply not gaining enough traction yet. I still have full confidence that once the library gains muscle that the Wii U will be healthy.  The current problem for Nintendo now, is that all eyes are on the PS4 and Xbox One, with the Wii U being a simple afterthought for the average gamer. Nintendo needs to capture the attention of the community – it needs to surprise the industry – it needs to dangle the carrot with a Killer Wii U game.

With the news that Reggie will be showing a new look of an upcoming game – one cannot help but speculate on what the announcement could be. I don’t want to over hype the event as it will only leads to disappointment. In truth I am expecting a new trailer for Donkey Kong Country, Monolith Soft’s X or Bayonetta. However in my opinion, this is a golden opportunity for Nintendo to grab the limelight for the Wii U by announcing Zelda Wii U.

Nintendo has been very timid this year – with little to no advertising for most of the year and let’s not forget their absence at E3’s center stage. I get the impression that they have been content with Microsoft and Sony garnering all the attention. Maybe they were intimidated with the new consoles? Perhaps just biding time to make a move?



The VGX is the perfect event to gain much needed exposure for the Wii U and it certainly needs it. This is Nintendo’s chance to stand up. The legend of Zelda is very much a game that can create a remarkable reaction in the gaming community. One only needs to look at 2004 E3 Twilight Princess to see what reaction the series can cause. Needs to regain buzz and momentum for the Wii U or else the console will be buried by the rival consoles. The Nintendo needs the gamer’s eye to be redirected back to the Wii U and away from the Xbox One/ps4 . It needs a positive aura moving forward. It needs to stand up and make its voice heard. Announcing Zelda at the VGX is making a bold statement – that the Wii U has great games coming – that the Wii U is a great console – that the Wii U exist.

I have a nagging feeling that the announcement isn’t Zelda, but every fiber of my body wishes it were. Right now, announcing something big for the Wii U at the VGX is the smartest move they can do moving foward.

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  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    Totally agree with you man. Hate to say this, but if Nintendo doesn’t show the new Zelda or an IP they haven’t mentioned is actually in production yet, they’re dead in the water, unless trailers for the other games are mind blowing. Don’t mean to hate on them, but VGX is their last chance to impress before Donkey Kong hits in February.

    • bigshynepo

      Nintendo has a chance to steal the limelight as Zelda commands people’s attention better than almost every storied franchise out there. I just don’t think they are going to do it. Zelda will be shown in June at E3 and we’ll be given some DK and Bayonetta trailers to satisfy us till them Nintendo just doesn’t seem to listen to fans anymore.

      Now, if they showed a secret Metroid….oh baby….

      • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

        yeah, Zelda would be the winner if the show if Nintendo plays that wildcard. But yeah, given Eiji Aonuma said they actually plan to show it at E3 and didn’t mention earlier showings so it’s 50/50 at this point. DK is coming in February so I don’t think they will show that, but as for Bayonetta 2 that will whet my appetite if they don’t show Zelda. And yeah, they seem to be going in their own direction entirely irrespective of fans’ ideas or opinions. Let’s hope they still get good results. As for Metroid, yes, that would definitely steal the show if it were to happen, as Shigeru Miyamoto already said Retro is very high priority for the next game so let’s just hop it means that it’s already begun production of some sort, so I want to see a trailer there that blows everyone away, as Other M wasn’t as good and MP 3 was a little bit down from the first two so it has to happen. Metroid, Bayonetta 2, or Zelda will do for me, as long as one of them is on the stage, or a cool new trailer for other upcoming games unannounced or announced is shown.

        • bigshynepo

          They must show Bayonetta 2, the VGX is the demographic that game is appealing to, it’s been almost a year since we’ve gotten any substantial look at the game and like you said, DK is already on the radar too much (though Second Son will be all over VGX and it comes out in that same time frame).

          I feel like Nintendo is scrambling to get some of these IPs started for the Wii U and the mario games are just easier for them to make by now. I also have a feeling we might get a glimpse of Zelda WiiU but I want to see more than concept art.

          Lastly, I don’t feel like Bayonetta 2 will be a system seller, even if it is highly rated. It will just be a nice homage to those who have been waiting for it since launch, the same fans that got screwed into waiting for Rayman Legends.

          • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

            Yeah, I’d say this is their last shot at boosting interest in Bayonetta 2 as everyone of everyone will be viewing it and attending it. Second Son will definitely have a big presence, Sony always has a huge presence at the show each year. Yeah, seams like Nintendo is treading water lightly at the moment to get all its IP in the Wii U slot. Either videos or awards are shown, or even game play, each year, if Nintendo does show it, they’re definitely gonna go beyond concept art as we’ve waited too long to see it in action. I think now that people know who and what Bayonetta is, Bayonetta 2 will sell better so that a third game will happen but may not break sales records to become a hit but will definitely be a hit with gamers. And yeah, disappointed about how Rayman Legends went multi plat but I doubt that’ll happen to Bayonetta 2. Hideki Kamiya already expressed interest in wanting to go second party for Nintendo. they could be the new Rare, except with a different and better ending.

  • David

    If they were announcing a new game, don’t you think the site would be saying they were announcing a new game?