Pokemon X&Y: Elite 4 and Pokemon Champion Guide

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Pokemon X & Y elite four

Pokemon X&Y: Elite 4 and Pokemon Champion Guide

Typical of all Pokemon games, the end of your journey will end in the colossal challenge against the Pokemon League. If you are new to the series the Pokemon League is a series of consecutive battle against the Elite 4 and the Pokemon champion. To succeed, you will need to be prepared with the proper equipment and the right Pokemon. In this article – I will go through tips and strategies on how to beat the Elite 4 and the Pokemon Champion.


General Tips:

  • It is recommended that you carry a sufficient amount of Full Restores and Revives. Since you cannot heal via Pokecentre between battles, you will need to keep your Pokemon Fresh at the start of each battle.
  • As a general rule of thumb – each Pokemon in your party should be around level 64-70 to be able to hold its own against the Elite four Pokemon.
  • Exploit the type weakness of the Pokemon. For example Fire Pokemon should be dealt with Ground, Water or Rock type moves. Steel Should be handle with Fire, Fighting and ground etc.
  • If possible – always go for a one hit KO.
  • Build a team with Pokemon that can adequately take on the Pokemon League. By that I mean, Pokemon that are good against Type Specific teams. Example Greninja is allocated for Malva, Heliolisk for Siebold and Pyroar for Wikstrom.


Elite Four Malva Pokemon  – Fire Type Team

  • Pyroar – Level 63
  • Chandelure – Level 63
  • Talon Flame – Level 65
  • Torkoal – Level 63

In my opinion, Malva is the easiest of the four. The most dangerous pokemon of her team is easily the Chandelure. The trick to beat Malva is to exploit the monotype Fire team. If you have a strong Surf user, than that is more than adequate to beat Malva. Furthermore, you can exploit the weakness to Rock. Ground type moves is a good choice, but just be mindful that TalonFlame is immune to the type.


Elite Four Siebold – Water Type Team

  • Clawitzer – 63
  • Barbaracle – 65
  • Gyarados -63
  • Starmie – 63

Siebold has a water monotype team and a little more threatening than Malva. He will lead with Clawitzer whom has a threatening special attack stat and good coverage. However, Siebolds most threatening Pokemon is Gyarados, whom can set up with Dragon Dance. In my opinion the best strategy against Siebold is to carry a Pokemon who can use a powerful electric type move like Thunderbolt.  You can use a grass type, but you may have trouble against Gyarados.


Elite Four Wikstrom – Steel Type Team

  • Klefki – 63
  • Probopass – 63
  • Scizor – 63
  • Aegislash – 65

Wikstrom’s Pokemon are a little more durable than the other Elite Four. However, you can exploit the massive weakness of Fire to your advantage. Just  be a little careful with Klefki, if it uses torment. Propobass has sturdy so it is impossible to OHKO. Wikstrom’s most threatening Pokemon has to Scizor, but since it is relatively slow, you can easily take it out with a faster Pokemon. I highly recommend using Pyroar against Wikstrom.


Elite Four Drasna – Dragon team

  • Dragalge – 63
  • Altaria – 63
  • Druddigon – 63
  • Noivern -65

Drasna is a threatening trainer especially since she carries a few strong Pokemon. You will need to watch out for Druddigon and Noivern, both can pack a punch. You can exploit Dragon’s Ice, Dragon and Fairy Type weakness. Ice Beam is a sublime move against dragon type Pokemon. I highly recommend using Greninja with Ice Beam as you have a good chance of outspeeding Noivern.


Pokemon Champion Diantha – Multitype team

  • Hawlucha – 64
  • Aurorus – 65
  • Tyrantrum – 65
  • Goodra – 66
  • Gourgeist – 65
  • Gardevoir – 68

There is no specific strategy against Diantha since she has a multitype team. It is important to avoid Hawlucha from setting up a sword dance in the first turn as that can turn the tide to her favour early in the battle. Like always exploit the weakness of the Pokemon to gain the advantage. Diantha’s most threatening Pokemon is Mega Gardevoir. Mega Gardevoir has good Speed, Special Defence and a massive Special attack. At Level 68, Mega Gardevoir is not going down without a fight. Exploit the frailty in physical defence and the weakness to Steel and Poison.

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