3 Things I hate about Pokemon X&Y

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3 Things I hate about Pokemon X&Y

Pokemon X&Y is the best Pokemon game since Diamond and Pearl, which is a great accolade. However it isn’t perfect, there were a few things that irked me immensely about the game, so much so is that it holds back Pokemon X&Y from true greatness. Here are 3 things I hate about Pokemon X&Y.

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1.       Few new Pokemon

This is my number one gripe for Pokemon X&Y. Personally,the most exciting part of a new generation is discovering all the new Pokemon. However, in Pokemon X&Y new Pokemon appeared few and far between. Often in Pokemon X&Y when you walk in tall grass, you will find a familiar Pokemon and not a new face. With only 68 newly introduced Pokemon you can clearly see why I am disappointed.


2.       Post game content sucks

Pokemon X&Y post game content was a huge disappointment. After beating the Champion there is little do. From the top of my head you can capture Mewtwo, Zapdos/Articuno/Moltres and  Zygarde. Plus you can complete the Battle Chateau and the Battle Mansion. Other than this the rest of the game is baron. Perhaps, they could have added a Kalos version of the Battle Frontier or maybe a revisit to Sinnoh to take on the strong trainers there. A few extra Legendaries would have been nice. Alas it was not to be.


3.       Team Flare sub story

The Team Flare sup plot is the worst that the series has ever seen. It felt tacked on and was non-sensical. In my opinion Team Flare subplot was added for the sake of tradition without any thought in placement and relevance. Until this day – I still do not know Team Flares motivations and goals. Can someone please explain why Team Flare needed Xerneas and Yvettal?

Now that the honeymoon period is over – what things in Pokemon X&Y bugged you?

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