Wii Fit U Review

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Wii Fit U

Wii Fit U Review

If you told me 1o years ago, that Nintendo will be making an exercise game? I would be laughing at your face. If you told me that the game will be a multimillion seller – I would have called you a lunatic. The original Wii Fit was a global phenomena for good reason. Never has the industry attempted to cross the barriers of typical gaming genres, it comes at no surprise that it was once again Nintendo who made the first steps into gamification of exercise genre. Now a good 5 years as passed since the release of Wii Fit, it is safe to say the fad has died down. With the Wii U failing, could Wii Fit be the software that kick-starts the Wii U, despite its waning influence? More importantly, is Wii Fit U any good?

The premise of Wii Fit U is quite simple. It is a game that encourages exercise with intrinsic rewards. It is a game that makes exercise fun. Well, that is what it said on the box. The game has a variety of physical activities ranging from proper muscle exercises to fun aerobic routines like dance and jogging on the spot. If you want to lose a few centimeters from your waste and want to have fun at the same time, then Wii Fit U might be the game you are looking for.

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The fun comes down to your motivation – whether you are able to jump in the game regularly. Speaking from experience,  I think most individuals will have a honeymoon period with the game – sticking with the game for a couple of weeks – then ignoring it after the novelty wears off. Trust me – when I say this – you can absolutely lose weight with Wii Fit U – it takes perseverance, motivation and more importantly a planned approach.

Personally speaking, I select a combination of Yoga, Muscle exercises and aerobics. The key idea is to get your heart rate up with a targeted routine. An example routine that I would do is Sun Salutation, Downward Facing dog, Lunge, Rowing Sqauts, Jackknife, Grounded V, Parallel stretch and a 10 minute jog.

The biggest difference between Wii Fit U and its predecessor, is that the Wii U version feels like a much complete game. A far departure from Wii Fit and Wii Fit Plus – Wii Fit U has a good amount of modes to select. In fact the package is quite impressive with many models to pick from such as Personal trainer, Wii fit routine, my  routines and select exercise. The brilliance of the whole setup is that it is extremely streamlined for the player, you can quickly go into powerful routines in a matter of seconds with personal trainer and Wii Fit routines. On the other hand you can customize your own routines with “My Routines” or simply go on your own devices by selecting the exercise you want. For an exercising tool, Wii Fit U is rather flexible but also comprehensive, which in my book is a huge plus.

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The reporting of information is well done. You can check your weight and the KCAL burnt for the days, past days and even past months with a simple graph. In fact it is quite comprehensive with the reporting. I love how you can see your progression over a time frame – it is a strong motivational tool once you realize the game does what it advertises.

Disappointingly, Wii Fit U doesn’t add any new noticeable exercises in the yoga or muscle categories, which are the only things I really care about. On the flip side, Nintendo did not remove any exercises. While Wii Fit U lacks new proper exercises, Nintendo thankfully added a handful of  new balance games ( Trampoline target, Hose Down,  Dessert Course,  Core Luge, and Scuba Search),  Aerobics (Rowing regatta, Orienteering, Free Boxing, and Puzzle Sqaush) and dance routines. Personally, I never really care for these games – as I’ve always stuck to the proper exercises for my routines. Apart from the Aerobic exercises – none of the other games provide much of a work, and in my opinion just a bit gimmicky. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you cannot have fun with the new additions, but it may not be the best activities to lose weight. Just be mindful that the unresponsive Wii remote controls might frustrate in the Dance regimes.

Wii Fit meter

The new peripheral for Wii Fit U, is the Fit Meter which is essentially a pedometer, a cheap looking one at that. I did get a chance to fiddle around with the Fit Meter, and I don’t think it is particularly handy. If you want something that is more comprehensive, then you are better of purchasing a decent heart rate monitor or an affordable fitness watch. The Fit meter calculates and records your MET, footsteps, KCAL and other complicated measurements. All these data can be transferred into the game via connecting to the gamepad. I suppose the Fit meter main purpose is to give the individual a rough idea on the amount of physical activity outside of Wii Fit U. I honestly expected much more from the Fit Meter – the cheapish look and the lack of any real meat with the peripheral is a massive letdown.

The greatest innovation for Wii Fit U is the gamepad utilization. On the original I hate how the game was tethered to the TV screen. When I wanted to do a 10 minute jog, I had to stare at the boring visuals. With Wii Fi U, you can display the game on the gamepad screen to free up the TV screen. The beauty of the setup is that you can watch TV and play the game simultaneously.

Unlike its predecessors Wii Fit U feels complete. The comprehensive reporting, the inclusion of new modes and fit games, make a Wii Fit U one of the best exercising Sims in the market. Perhaps even the best.

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