Pokemon X&Y Super Training Guide

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Pokemon X&Y Super Training Guide

Pokemon is perhaps one of the deepest and complex games I have ever played. There is so many things to consider like creating a balanced team, strategy, moveset and metagame. But before all that, the core of competitive Pokemon  is training your pokemon well. A strong Pokemon is one that is trained from the ground up with a targeted approach.

Effort Value Training (EV) is an important method that increases the base stat of a Pokemon. Each Pokemon is allocated with 510 EV points. With 252 EV points being the max for a particular stat. 4 EV points will see an increase of one point in the stat attack. Effectively you can add a maximum 63 stat points in attack. As you can see the benefits are plentiful. In the past EV training was a monotonous task of battling  100’s of Pokemon to max out the pokemon. Thankfully, in Pokemon X&Y Gamefreaks has made EV Traning easier with Super Training.

Super Training is a series of Soccer Mini game where you use the touch screen to shoot soccer balls at rings. After completion of the game you will be awarded with EVS points (or Base point stats), the amount of EVS points earnt depends on the level.

You can track your progess with the graphic. The meter on the right effectively shows you how many points you have earnt.

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Amount of points earned by level intensity

Level 1- 4 Points

Level 2 – 8 Points

Level 3 – 12 Points

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There are Five balls types (it is variable depending on Pokemon)

Black Ball – Low Power, average speed. Can be fired quickly

Yellow Ball-  Average Speed, Low Power. Can be fired quickly

Orage Ball- Average speed. Shots are large so less likely to

Green Ball – High Power, Slow

Blue Ball – Average Power, but very fast.

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Training Bags will be awarded to you after you complete the mini game. To receive the effect you will need to tap on the bag until it disperse.

Small Bags – 1 point

Medium Bag – 4 points

Large Bag – 12 points

Double Up Bag – Double the points earned from your next regime.

Reset Bag- Restarts base point to zero

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When a Pokemon starts a super training regime, there shots will earn very little points – roughly 3 to 4 points per target. As your Pokemon strengthens you will begin to notice that each shot becomes more potent. Personally, I stick to Level 1 and Level 2 for Super Training as you can generally finish the games in quicker time than level 3. I found a strategy that can effectively fully train a Pokemon in one or less. I found completing the Level 1 regime in under 10 seconds will reward you a large training bag on the respective stat. So completing one game you will get 4 Points and a Large training bag (12 points), so effectively 16 points. So you will only need to pay the mini game around 16 times. A general rule of thumb, it takes around 252 points before a Pokemon is capable to beat level one regime under 10 seconds.

Furthermore, you can bag harvest by using a fully trained Pokemon to earn large training bags from the mini games. Harvest the training bag and use them on a fresh Pokemon. This should  give the pokemon a noticeable boost in points before it starts any Super Training regiment.

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  • http://www.berathen.com/ Venks Dunson

    Nice guide. I’ve been really enjoying Super Training myself. I have about three teams of fully IV and EV trained Poke’mon and last I checked I’ve completed about 550 sessions of super Training.

    I’m a Grand Duke at the Battle Chateau so money isn’t ever a issue. I’m also made out of berries. So I’ll start every Poke’mon off with 20 EV items(HP UP/Iron) and some Berry Juice from Lumiose using the highest quality berries for the respective stats I’m trying to raise. This allows me to go straight into Level 2 Training even though my Poke’mon are level 1. Due to their boosted EVs they are scoring much higher points.