New Visual effect when getting hit (Super Smash Bros Update 29.11.2013)

By Michael On 29 Nov, 2013 At 07:38 PM | Categorized As Smash Updates | With 3 Comments

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Like in Brawl, Sakurai will be providing daily updates on the development progress of Super Smash Bros for Wii U/3DS through Miiverse.

Today’s update Sakurai revealed that there is a new visual effect. A red-black effect will appear when you get hit by a powerful blow. This is a good indicator that you are close to death.

Sakurai on Miiverse:

Pic of the day. A red-black effect now appears when you’re hit by a strong blow. It’ll only appear when you have high damage, so when you see this you’re in trouble–and you’re probably about to get KO’d!

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  • Venks Dunson

    Looks nice. Perhaps when players see this they can stop blaming their deaths on ‘bad DI’.

    • miigamerz

      haha the old DI excuse. Are you any good in smash bros?

      • Venks Dunson

        My local EB has run about 11 weekly tournaments for Brawl. I’ve won 8 of them I think?

        I can play pretty evenly with Australia’s 12th best Brawlers at Shadlowlogic HQ in Melbourne. I’m not quite one of the best players, but I’m not too bad either.

        I main Toon Link at the moment. Love the variation. Though when Smash4 comes out I’m looking to try out the new Bowser. Hoping he’s not as bad as he in Brawl.