The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds – How to beat the Poe Puzzle in the Lost Woods

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The Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds – How to beat the Poe Puzzle in the Lost Woods

The Lost Woods Poe Puzzle in the A Link Between Worlds will go down as one of the most frustrating moments in the series’ history, well personally speaking.

I consider myself very good with Zelda puzzles, however this one stumped and admittedly I was very ticked off with the many failed attempts. So to help my fellow gamers, I decided to share the solution to the puzzle

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After beating the first 3 Dungeons, you will then be tasked to retrieve the Master Sword from the Lost Woods. If you know your series’ history, Lost Woods have traditionally been difficult to navigate,  and in A Link Between worlds it is no different.

This time around, a group of Poes will be guiding you through the woods.

It is a three part Puzzle whereby you must follow the prompts of the Poes and follow the correct path until you reach the Master Sword. If you select the wrong path you will need to start from the beginning and redo the puzzle again.

Part 1: You will need to follow the selected Poe. This one is very easy, just keep track of the Poe.

Part 2: In this part, you cannot follow the two selected Poes. Again this one is easy, just keep an eye on the two Poes and follow the path that they Poes did not enter.

Part 3: The last part, you cannot follow  the three selected Poes. The solution is simple, but not obvious – enter the path from where you entered from. You will find this is a trick puzzle, you will notice that the three selected Poes  will enter into the three branching paths. So the only logical path is to go back into the path from where you came from. That’s it, all you need to do from here is follow the path until you reach the Master Sword.

I hope this helps!

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