Tips: Succesful Wii Remote settings for Call of Duty: Ghosts Multiplayer

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The biggest perk of purchasing Call of Duty: Ghots on the Wii U is using the Wii remote and nunchuck in online multiplayer.  Aiming with IR is a unique experience  and I highly recommend fans of Call of Duty to give it a go. If you like to try it out or want a starting point, PlentOfKills from YouTube has given me permission to share his Wii Remote and Nunchuck settings with you.

Of course, you can tweak the settings for it to be more comfortable for yourself. Please check out PlentyOFKills YouTube channel, if you love his stuff by all means subscribe to him. The video is below.

For your convenience, I have written down the settings below.

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Custom Button Layout

Fire Weapon – B

Lock Camera – C

Aim Down Sight – Z

Change Stance – Minus Button

Throw Lethal – Plus Button

Throw Tactical – Twist remote and A Button

Reload – Up in D-Pad

Use/Interact – Hold C

Jump – A

Melee – Down in D-pad

Pause – 1

Inventory – Left and joystick

Scoreboard – 2

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Control Preset – Intermediate

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Aim Styles

Look Spring – Disabled

Scope Aiming- Precision

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Camera Speed

Horizontal Speed – 38

Vertical Speed- 32

Horizontal Speed ADS- 40

Vertical Speed ADS- 34

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Cursor Sensitivity – 34

Cursor Speed – 0

Camera Sensitivity -30

Scope Sensitivity – 19

Turret Sensitivity – 10

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Hip Dead Zone

hip dead zone

ADS Dead Zone

ads dead zone


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Wii Remote Sensitivity – 27

Nunchuck Sensitivity – 30

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ADS Reach -38

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Invert Control Stick Aim – Disabled

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Here is gameplay showing the settings in action:






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