Tips to make Sonic Lost World (Wii U) Less Frustrating

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Hey Mii-Gamers! It has been almost a full two weeks since Sonic Lost World hit North America, and you can expect our review to be up within the next few days. I apologize for the delay, but to tide you over I have a few tidbits of advice to minimize your frustrations with the game. Although some of this information is mentioned in game (at least if you read the “help” messages) I felt that it could have been done better, so I hope you all find this useful.


Notes about speed:

The first thing that you may notice about Sonic Lost World is that it will initially feel slower than most Sonic titles, even the original genesis games. However, this is just a deception as the game actually has 3 levels of speed, allowing for you to move Sonic at the pace that each situation calls for:


Walking speed: Joystick alone (slow)


Running speed: hold ZR (moderate to fast)


Spin Dash: Hold and release ZL (fast – used as a boost), OR hold and release ZL then quickly hold ZL again without releasing (continuous spin dash the absolute fastest speed)


Some red star rings and hard to reach areas require some really daring speed for which even the run button is insufficient. However, these areas can be reached with relative ease with a continuous spin dash. Trust me – once you realize that you can spin dash for as long as you like the game will feel completely different, and just as fast as you’d expect the blue blur to be.

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Notes about combat: 

Stronger Homing Attack: In Sonic Lost World the homing attack can lock-on to the same enemy multiple times, allowing for Sonic to deliver a more devastating blow. The game notifies you of this by adding smaller, concentric circles to the first red homing attack target, ending at a maximum of 3 circles. I couldn’t tell if this can happen only on certain enemies, but the only time I saw this happen with consistency and in a significant way was against bosses.  To make sure you get a fully charged homing attack off in these battles, just be sure to double jump while your enemy is open and only attack once you see the third circle appear. Two-fully charged homing attacks were able to take down most bosses in my playthrough!


(Note that the game will target multiple enemies instead if there are several targets near the one you wish to attack)


Kicking: As you will find out kicking certain enemies before using the homing attack is necessary to kill them (like the crab robots). However, other enemies are simply faster and easier to kill with a kick. For instance, orange robots, caterpillars, and snails require multiple homing attacks to kill, yet they can also be defeated with a single kick. You can additionally send one enemy back into others with a  well placed kick allowing you to quickly mop up some foes, so just be sure to experiment with this new attack!

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  • Venks Dunson

    Things definitely could of been taught in a better way than the question mark icons. I don’t really like how they break the flow of the game and still do a poor job of explaining Sonic’s abilities. I learned much more from watching others play than I did from the game’s tips.

    Still though I really liked the game overall. I’ve always been a huge fan of speed running and I can’t really think of another franchise that has as great a sense of speed.

    Looking forward to when the actual review comes out. I want to see more people’s opinions on this game. For those who care here’s what I think:

    • Dchops

      Thanks for your reply! I do agree that the game did a rather poor job at explaining the nuances of its mechanics. I enjoyed the game overall (and I am glad to hear you did as well), but something about it just left me a bit disappointed compared to other recent entries in the series (the lack of context for the environments, wisps, and the Zeti perhaps).

      I will definitely detail more in my review when I get to it. I must apologize for how long it is taking! I have just begun studying for USMLE Step 1 and am navigating a new time management regimen.

      • Venks Dunson

        Thanks for replying to my reply!
        The story definitely leaves something to be desired. It’s very simple and not really engaging or memorable. Sonic Adventure 2 and Shadow the Hedgehog’s stories aren’t exactly amazing either. But at least with those games I feel some connection to the characters through the plot even if it was overly dramatic.

        And hey it’s fine taking your time on the review. There’s no need to rush! I’m sure it will come out a lot better in the end when you have the time to set aside and focus on writing it.