Blog: How to obtain Aerodactyl and the other fossil Pokemon!

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Blog: How to obtain Aerodactyl and the other fossil Pokemon!

Wondering how to get Aerodactyl for Pokemon X&Y? Or Want to obtain one of the other fossil Pokemon? Then I hope this short article helps.


Need to beat the game once.

What you will need!

You will need a Pokemon with “Rock Smash”


Aerodactyl (Old Amber) and the other fossils be found in the bottom basement of Glittering cave.  Glittering Cave isn’t hard to navigate, just head down the cave until you reach the bottom basement. Once inside the bottom basement floor, you will notice several breakable rocks scattered throughout the area. To get the fossils, you will need to use “rock smash” on the breakable rocks, doing so either a wild Pokemon will appear or a fossil will drop.  It is important to note, the Old Amber will rarely appear, so if you are extremely unlucky – you might take a few goes before an Old Amber appears

The rocks reappear when you leave, so you can farm Fossils be entering and exiting the room. Once you have the fossil you require- go to the lab in Ambrette Town to restore the fossil into the respective Pokemon.


Fossil Versions Pokemon
Old Amber X/Y Aerodactyl
Skull Fossil X/Y Cranidos
Armor Fossil X/Y Shieldon
Cover Fossil X/Y Tirtouga
Plume Fossil X/Y Archen
Dome Fossil Y Kabuto
Helix Fossil Y Omanyte
Root Fossil X Lileep
Claw Fossil X Anorith

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