New Super Mario 3D World Gameplay Video: Worlds 1-1 and 3-1

By Daniel On 25 Oct, 2013 At 08:49 AM | Categorized As Wii U, Wii U News, Wii U trailers, wii u videos | With 0 Comment

Hey mii-gamers! Nintendo of America just uploaded a new episode of Nintendo Minute on youtube with a nice surprise: new gameplay footage from Super Mario 3D World! Although only two levels of shown, the video gives a nice impression of the game’s layout and starting difficulty. As with most Mario games, level 1-1 seems fairly simplistic, but if yesterday’s trailer is anything to go by, the game will certainly spice up thereafter. However, what I was most excited about was that the video clearly shows that there will be multiple overworld maps for each world. The Miiverse functionalities are definitely peaking my interest as well!


Anyhow, enough about that. Check out the footage yourself!


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