Guide: How to catch Zygarde in Pokemon X&Y

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  • No.150
  • Name: Zygarde
  • The Order Pokemon
  • Type: Dragon/Ground
  • Height: 16’05”
  • Weight: 672.4 lbs
  • Description: When the Kalos region’s ecosytem into disarray, it appears and reveal its secret power.

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Where do you Catch Zygarde?

Zygarde becomes available soon after you beat the Pokemon league champion. Zygarde is located in the depths of Terminus Cave. Terminus Cave is located in Route 18 with the entrance distinguished by mining tracks.

Navigating, terminus is fairly easy. I am no good in providing a detailed description on how to navigate Terminus Cave so I will give general directions. After the level, in Basement One, the stairs to the second basement is on at the far top right corner of the quadrant, just make your way up to this area. Once, in the second floor make your way to the bottom right corner to access the next area. In the next area, all you need to do is head up to find the entrance to the room where Zygarde sleeps.

Zygarde will be in the middle room, if you travel down the four paths you will find the Adamant Orb, Griseous Orb and Lustrous Orb.

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What you will need:

  • A Pokemon that can chip the HP of Zygarde without killing him ( I used Greninja; level 75. Mega Venusaur for Sleep Powder).
  • Plenty of Ultra balls

Zygarde is fairly easy to catch, from personal experience the easiest legendary to catch.  As it currently stands, Mewtwo is the hardest Legendary to catch. Like always you follow the basic principles of capturing Pokemon. Weakened Pokemon with status infliction are easier to catch. The same strategy applies here. Once you have its health on the red with a status infliction (i.e sleep, thunder wave) – Zygarde should not provide much of a resistance. Just keep throwing Ultra Balls until you capture him.

Zygarde will have:

  • Crunch
  • Earthquake
  • Camouflage
  • Dragon Pulse

And it’s stats around these numbers:

  • HP: 240
  • Attk: 166
  • Def: 189
  • Sp Att: 126 – 150 (my Zygarde was Jolly)
  • Sp Def: 159
  • Speed: 174

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  • William Laxson

    I caught mewtwo with a dusk ball five. Min fight with xerneas