Guide: How to catch Moltres/Zapdos/Articuno in Pokemon X&Y

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Moltres Zapdos ArticunoSince, beating the game – I have been doing a significant amount of exploration to discover all the secrets hidden in Pokemon X&Y.  As such, I will be sharing all the information I find including tips and strategies.

Today, I will be providing tips in how to catch Moltres/Zapdos/Articuno.

In Pokemon X&Y you are able to catch one of the three legendary birds from the first generation. What Bird you are able to catch depends on what starter you chose at the beginning of the game.

  • Chespin – Articuno
  • Fennekin – Zapdos
  • Froakie – Moltres

It is important to note that you will need to beat the game before Moltres/Zapdos/Articuno becomes available

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You will not be able to catch Moltres/Zapdos/Articuno right away. The legendary birds will wonder around the Kalos region and it is your job to hunt them down. To locate the birds, you will need to encounter the pokemon at least once. After that you will be able to track the location of the Moltres/Zapdos/Articuno through the Pokedex.

Open your Pokedex and select the National Dex. Scroll down to find Moltres/Zapdos/Articuno and select the Pokemon. You will find a section that shows the map of Kalos. A red line indicates where the Legendary birds is currently located, go to the location and search the grass to encounter the Pokemon (indicated by a special flash). The bird show flee automatically thus you must repeat the process. After a number of encounters, the bird will rest in the Sea Spirits den (you can use the Pokedex to locate). Their you will be able to capture the Pokemon.

Moltres/Zapdos/Articuno will be at a high level 70, so pack plenty of Ultra Balls and a pokemon that can inflict status.

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I got a Moltres but I am currently spamming the capture to find the optimal nature. Anyway, I hope this helps.

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