The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD: Tips for Hero Mode.

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wind waker hd hero mode

The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD: Tips  for Hero Mode.

The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD has a difficult mode rightfully called Hero Mode. The biggest and only difference between Hero mode and normal is that recovery hearts will never appear in game and enemies will deal double damage.

Now, I wouldn’t call hero mode difficult like dark souls but it is certainly more challenging than the normal mode. I finished the game in Hero mode – finding it refreshing as a veteran player of Wind Waker.

Here are some of my tips and tricks to make Hero Mode a little easier.

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General Tips:

Tip 1: Always carry a bottle containing a Fairy or Elixir Soup.

Since hearts will never appear in dungeons, there are no ways to recover health, unless you have a bottle containing a fairy, red potion, blue potion and or the elixir Soups. I’d suggest at least one fairy and an elixir for early game. Elixir soups are superb because you can get two servings from one bottle and as well they can rejuvenate your magic.

You obtain the elixir soup from your Grandmother in Outset island after you heal her sadness with a fairy.

You can obtain fairies in the room before a boss battle, usually hiding in pots or skulls. Warp to mother and Son

You can check out all the Bottle locations here (forthcoming).

Tip 2: Always activate Warp Pots in dungeons

Activating the warp pots in dungeons will save you time and frustration particularly early game. Warp points act like check points for dungeons, the basic rules is that dungeons are divided into three sections with the third warp point acting marking the end of the dugeon. I found that, in most cases, the dungeons will kill you not the enemies. So in the case that you die, the warp pots can take you deep into dungeon without the need to re-tread through the numerous rooms. I can stress how it important it is activating these pots

Tips 3:  The More hearts you have the easier the game gets

Similar to the master quest in Ocarina of Time, Hero mode will only be challenging in the early game. 3 -5 Hearts is insufficient in the first two dungeons, particularly because they are riddle with many hazards. But once you amass a good amount of hearts, the game becomes a breeze.

Naturally, you will get heart containers after defeating the bosses. But you will need more to beat Ganon at the end. Here are some easy heart pieces that you can get early game:

On the bottom floor of Forsaken Fortress, inside the prison cell – the switch is behind a group of barrels.

Windfall Island: Play the Killer Bee hide and Seek game.

Windfall Island: Beat Salvatore’s Squid Game.

Windfall Island: Win it in the auction

Dragon Roost Island: Letter box game – get 25 points in the game and send the mail to the mother. In due time, a heart container will be mailed back.

Post Box: In the mail after you beating Forbidden Woods

Play the shooting game in Spectacle Island (c-2)

Headstone Island: Use the Hyoi pear to control the seagull to collect the heart piece on top of the island.

Needle Rock Island (A5):  Use the Hyoi pear to control the seagull to hit the switch on the peak. Once the switch has activated; open the chest to get a piece of heart.

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Enemy strategies

Moblins: Moblins are easy. Use the boomerang to stun them, then attack with horizontal and vertical slices to defeat them. Using the stabbing motion will cause them to run around thus prolonging the battle.

ReDead: ReDead should be approached with caution. Walk slowly towards them; allow them to scream before attacking. Attack aggressive without any breaks until the ReDead is dead. If sunlight is present, route the light with the mirror shield towards the ReDead, attack aggressively when they are stunned. Alternatively you can use the bombs to defeat them without the need to approach.

Stalfos: Stalfos are also easy with the right strategy. Use the bomb to separate the body from the head. With the head jumping around use the boomerang to stun and then use the skull hammer to crack the skull in one hit.

Wizzrobes: Wizzrobes come in multiple varieties; the trouble is, it is hard to distinguish them. Normal Wizzrobes can be defeated with one fire arrow shot. However the summoning variant and the white robes will require 3-4 shots with the magical arrows.

Darknuts: A solo Darknut is easy to handle. Approach them with the sword drawn, wait until the parry signal to show up and press A to counter. Link will either jump above or roll across the ground  to disarm them from the heavy armour.

Multiple Darknuts pose a serious threat. But, I have discovered a workable strategy to take on multiple Darknuts. It is important to lock on the closest darknut, as they will always attack you first. When the parry signal shows press A +  Forward  together to jump above the darknut to unequip the armour , as oppose to the roll parry, (the other Darknuts might block your path or attack with a ferocious horizontal swing). Concentrate on eliminating, one Darknut at a time.

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Follow these tips to make life easier in Hero Mode. If you have more tips let me know and I will add them.

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